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5 Best IVR Systems Providers in India

 Like Santa comes bearing gifts during Christmas, setting up IVR solutions for small business come with many benefits. Not only SME businesses but even top firms incorporate IVR systems and services in their company.  

IVR, or Interactive Voice Response, is an automatic voice-based tech system with which your customers can interact to get information, find solutions to their problems, or get in touch with the right agent in your staff.  

With an IVR system, your customer will hear a pre-recorded message when they call your business. This message typically contains a list of options through which the caller can navigate by clicking on the corresponding number on the keypad.   

Are you looking for the best IVR providers in India? If yes, then your search ends right here! Shown below are some of India’s top IVR providers, along with a few benefits of integrating an IVR system with your business.  

 Top Five IVR System Providers 

Selecting the right IVR system provider for your business can be a time-consuming process as there are numerous providers in India. Furthermore, choosing an inefficient provider can negatively impact your business name and reputation. Hence, here is a list of the top five IVR providers in India.  

  1. Knowlarity 
  2. Exotel 
  3. Ozonetel 
  4. Ameyo 
  5. MyOperator  

All these companies offer efficient IVR solutions for small business along with a whole myriad of other features. A few of these features include, 

 1. Multi-level IVR 

If you hire an agent to take calls and guide customers from the very first level, the agent will only be able to interact with one customer at a time. Other customers will have to wait until their call goes through.  

With multi-level IVR, the system can take and manage a large volume of calls simultaneously, thus reducing the customer’s waiting time.  

2. Call Recording 

The call recording feature offered by IVR providers in India allows you to record all calls with the customer. You can then listen and review them later and make any necessary changes to enhance its efficiency.  

3. Available in Different Languages 

The availability of multiple languages in the IVR system is another essential feature that helps you connect with a vast audience. When a user calls you, the system allows them to choose a language with which they are comfortable. These languages include English, Hindi, and the regional language.  

 Other Features Provided

  • Allows you to customize the menu 
  • Routes the call to the respective agent 
  • Gives alerts and notifications on missed calls 
  • Offers insights and analytics that helps you improve the system 
  • Allows you to choose your virtual phone number 

Benefits of Using an IVR System 

  • Significantly reduces your operating and hiring costs. In fact, IVR solutions for small business can help you save 90% of your costs if you shift from agents. 
  • Provides solutions to most of the first-level queries without any human intervention. 
  • Builds and improves your brand name and reputation. 
  • Easy-to-use and integrate into your current CRM software and tools. 
  • Connects with multiple customers at a time, thus enhancing lead generation and conversion. 
  • Certain IVR providers also offer a personalized experience to users by greeting them with their names. The system is also capable of predicting what the customer might want based on their previous interactions. 


At the end of the day, your customer’s journey and experience with your company are of utmost importance. An IVR system can help you achieve this. But choosing the wrong provider may cause a few problems. Hence, select a provider that is reliable, offers 24×7 support, and helps you scale your operations.

The best IVR service provider enables faster processing of customer calls at a fraction of the cost companies to spend on manual call handling. You need not buy any costly machines or hire trained staff to route calls. Cloud IVR eliminates the need to hire an intermediary and makes the call routing process hassle-free and error-free.

For an IVR solution, your company’s size never matters. It provides the same functionality and features to a small-sized company with 20 employees as it would to a big company with 10,000 employees. Hence, cloud IVR is a cost-efficient way to enhance your operational efficiency and achieve high RoI.

Your efforts to save money and increase the return on investment starts here – get yourself a cloud-based IVR solution and amp up your brand’s revenue and customer base.


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