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5 Most Sought-After IT Roles in 2022

IT, or information technology, is grown in significance to the point where it is an essential component of nearly every business. Whether you realise it or not, you are probably using IT right now; because information technology encompasses everything from your phone or computer, to the apps and websites you access on them. Technology is rapidly becoming one of the biggest investments among businesses, and that also translates to IT roles becoming increasingly important in business. We spoke to one company that provides outsourced IT support London businesses use in order to remain up-to-date with their IT. They said that the most in-demand IT roles are usually governed by what technologies, solutions, and practices are trending.

Below is a brief list of some of the most sought-after IT roles:

  1. Full-Stack Developer

Web development is a continually high-demand role. This has a lot to do with the fact that the internet is becoming more widely used with each passing year, which means that consumers are spending more and more time online. The conclusion businesses are drawing are that they need to have a website, and they need to have a high-quality website.

Web development is usually split into two main categories: Front-end development, which focuses on the customer facing elements, such as the appearance and functionality of the site. Then, there is Back-end development, which focuses on the infrastructure that powers the site; the way that data is send and received from servers, and much more.

A Full-stack developer is someone who can handle every aspect of web development. There are lots of benefits to this; for example, having one person managing it all means that there are fewer risks of communication issues (such as what might happen when a front-end developer and a back-end developer have to communicate).

  • Cloud Architect

The Cloud is one of the fastest growing technologies in business, and it is one of the most highly prioritised investments among businesses. A Cloud Architect is someone who designs, and possibly helps build the Cloud environment that a business will use to host their data and network components. It is a high-stakes job, because often Cloud Architects are responsible for system infrastructure that the business will rely on to operate. TechQuarters are an example of London IT support companies that offer Cloud services – such as hosting and migrations – to their clients, which means they employ Cloud Architects, as do many IT companies.

  • DevOps Engineer

Software development is a highly demanded skill, but what is potentially even more in demand is DevOps. A DevOps Engineer is responsible for overseeing an company’s entire software development effort. They assess current software solutions, looking at how they can be optimized. They plan the development and deployment cycles for new software solutions. They are also responsible for the maintenance and administration of these solutions. Every business that creates their own software solutions has what is known as a software development cycle – the time it takes to plan, develop, and deploy a solution. DevOps Engineers are involved in this cycle – primarily, they make efforts to optimize the cycle, so that it is shorter and quicker.

  • Big Data Engineer

Data engineers are experienced with reading and interpreting data, and using a range of tools to analyse the data. Big Data Engineers do this exact same thing, except the type of data they use is much more complex and larger in scale. Big Data is what we call large volumes of aggregate data which cannot be read and analysed manually. Instead, Big Data Engineers will have in-depth knowledge of machine learning and the various AI-powered tools and platforms


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