5 reasons to visit Costa Rica

visit Costa Rica

Whether you are looking for adventure, family activities, great food, or luxury hotels, you will find everything you are looking for in Costa Rica. The beautiful country, full of rainforests, beaches, river valleys, and wildlife, rich in bio diversities like restaurants, bars, and luxury hotels, has always been a great place to take a vacation, but it has gained popularity in recent years as an incredible destination.

No wonder, considering that there is something for everyone when planning a vacation there. Costa Rica is known for its incredible forests and national parks, where tourists can enjoy exciting activities like rafting, canyoning, cave tubing, and ziplining.

It’s one of the best places for animal lovers to discover amazing wildlife like macaws, sea turtles, and adorable sloths. Isn’t it like dream come true?

But it also has a trendy and glamorous side. The capital of San José is fast becoming a hot spot for foodies and shopping enthusiasts, especially as young chefs have opened new bars and restaurants there. For foodies isn’t is mind-blowing?

And if you’re looking to relax, there’s no better place to go than a pristine beach resort or five-star spa near one of the country’s many hot springs. You can sunbathe, have a massage, swim and surf, learn brewing coffee, or relax in a geothermal pool, or explore the rainforest or just connect with nature as you travel; this country has it all that anybody desires for in one stay.

This blog will highlight the top 5 reasons to visit Costa Rica. The list goes on for days, but we’ll be focusing on the best tourist attractions in Costa Rica.

We will also include why and where to go in Costa Rica. Hopefully, these Costa Rica travel tips will inspire future travelers to venture into this little piece of Central American paradise.

San José

San José Airport is Costa Rica’s largest international airport. San José is the capital of Costa Rica, situated in the center of the country. Its ideal location makes it easy to venture out to the Caribbean coast, the rainforest hinterland, or the Pacific coast.

If you are keen on seeing the beaches, wildlife, and nature in Costa Rica, there might not be that much for you in San José, and then you better get out of town.

But for those who love history, art, museums, architecture, and learning of culture, San José is an amazing place to start a trip from Costa Rica. Start your stay in San José by strolling along Central Avenue, the center of the city.

This city center has many shops, restaurants, bars, and museums and in the evening it is filled with musicians and street vendors.

Caribbean Coast

The east coast of Costa Rica is full of national parks, wildlife, and beautiful beaches. This coast of the country is less developed, and a little less touristy than the Pacific coast.

For those looking to explore thrilling wildlife, animals, the natural world, and while still having the opportunity to sunbathe and snorkel in the ocean, the Caribbean coast is the place to be.

Pacific Coast

If you ask other travelers where to stay in Costa Rica, they’ll likely tell you the Pacific Coast. That’s the place where most of the best beaches are and where surfers tend to congregate.

The Pacific coast of Costa Rica is further divided into 3 sections: the North Pacific, the Central Pacific, and the South Pacific. In the North Pacific, you will find the region of Guanacaste. Liberia, the capital of the region, is a fascinating city to visit.

The best reason to visit Liberia, Costa Rica, include visiting the Church of La Agonía, the Central Market, Central Park, and the Guanacaste Museum. Outside of Liberia, you’ll find pristine beaches and lush national parks.


The highlands of Costa Rica are dotted with tropical rainforests, areas of rich vegetation that are very humid and humid due to the constant cloud cover. Warm tropical temperatures are mitigated somewhat by thick clouds, and the humidity allows plants and animals to thrive.

Other rainforests in Costa Rica include the Los Angeles Rainforest, the Bajas Del Toro Rainforest, and the Central Highlands rainforest rainwater. That’s latter is home to the La Paz Waterfall Gardens, where you can admire the imposing waterfalls and then visit a wildlife exhibit or a butterfly garden.


Arenal Volcano  is located at the central/northern area of Costa Rica, you’ll find the Arenal Volcano as one of the country’s best-known natural monuments. Arenal Volcano is active and rises to 1,633 meters above sea level but has not erupted since 2010.

The land around Arenal Volcano is teeming with natural beauty and fun things to do. La Fortuna is one of the most highlighted towns to visit in that region. and has a charming little church, a central park, and plenty of dining and accommodation options for travelers.

A popular day trip from here is a visit to the mighty La Fortuna waterfall. Lake Arenal is the largest lake in Costa Rica and is a great place for water activities such as fishing, kayaking, and swimming.


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