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6 Secrets to Make Your Vape Boxes Visually Appealing

E-cigarettes are a great replacement for cigarettes filled with tobacco. This is the reason there is a hype about vapes in the market.

Vapes are quite a in trend and are used almost in all age groups. A modified version of smoking can be the perfect way to define what vaping is. What’s seen is sold, and for this product, it is important to ace its packaging.

The attractive and enthralling packaging of the Vape Boxes not only allures its targeted audience but is also a great source to stabilize its position in the competitive market.

To win the customers’ hearts, you need to come up with ideas and strategies that are out of the box. Its packaging is supposed to be luxurious, and there should be smart ideas incorporated in its unboxing as well.

The designs of the box should be captivating. However, windowpane boxes are a plus. It is because the customers witness the product with naked eyes. Hence, there are great chances for them to buy it.

While there is huge competition for the product and its packaging, usage of sustainable and biodegradable products can steal the show.

Here’s how you can make your vape packaging stand out from the crowd:

Without any further ado, let’s get to know those six unknown secrets to make vape boxes packaging visually appealing:

Use Modernized Printing Tactics and Its Finishing

Instead of old printing techniques, use modern printing tactics to set a valuable difference.

You can either go for digital printing rather than the traditional one. This way, it’s more economical and has less usage of ink as well.

For the sharp tones and hues, traditional printing is recommended. It is because digital printing has the tendency to mute the sharpness of the colors.

Once you get to choose your printing technique, shed some thoughts on its finishing as well.

Embossing, debossing, foiling, lamination, and lacquering are quite a in trend and can give an overall aesthetic look to vape boxes.

Consider Eco-friendly Packaging Options

One of the commendable acts is to reduce packaging waste. Due to global warming and other threatening issues in the environment, many companies and organizations are working on this agenda.

It is therefore recommended to go for packaging options that are environmentally friendly. This promotes positivity for your brand that it cares for the environment along with its sales.

Play with Vibrant Hues and Creative Shapes

When it comes to innovative shapes, you have a variety of options open for you.

Some of the creativities that you can craft on the shapes of these boxes can be;

  • Flip-top Packaging
  • Slider Boxes
  • Tuck end Vape Boxes

Colors make your product appealing in all manners. Make the best use of colors while you design these vape boxes.

Not only do they make your product packaging stand out in the crowd but, they will also help you boost your sales. The new the packaging is, the more your product would stay in the limelight.

Window Encasements

Purchasing unseen products always carries a risk in mind. Even if the packaging is stunning, you would wonder what quality the product holds inside. Fair enough.

For this, you can settle down the storm of questions by using window casings in your packaging.

Window or die-cut styled packaging promotes phenomenal quality. It gives a sigh of relief to the customer as he can see from outside as well.

There Should Always Be Room for Customization

Customization is the key. Give your loyal customers the leverage to make changes in the designs, colors, and shapes.

Give a number of options of finishing’s to choose from. Be it matte, glossy, or spot UV, the customers, should always have room for customization.

Moreover, always choose a trusted partner like OBT Packaging. Not only do they master the art of designs, but they always welcome suggestions and editions from customers and clients.

They come up with designs that are aesthetically appealing and engage customers. They are durable and provide you services that are affordable as compared to other brands.

Durability: Though it’s mentioned here as the last point, durability should be the priority of every brand. With subtle and sleek designs, vibrant colors, and creative shapes, you just cannot ignore its durability. It is important to utilize products that are sturdy and ornate in the making of these vape boxes.

How Do CBD Boxes Ensure Product Safety?

CBD boxes are extensively used for the packaging of cannabidiol products, CBD oils, or e-liquids. There are a number of reasons you should choose them over others.

Why Should You Choose CBD Boxes?

The finest quality of cardboard is used in the making of these CBD Boxes. This way, not only do they become sturdy, but they are durable enough to protect the product from the inside.

CBD Boxes are easy to customize and add value to your product. These boxes ensure product safety for a longer time. You can add relevant information related to the brand, product, and components.

These boxes can be customized as per customers’ recommendations. They can be your perfect go-to option if you are the one looking to pack any fragile cannabis product.

These boxes are ascertained about product protection. They can be trusted to move a product in them from one place to another.

How Can You Boost Sales of E-Cigarette Box Packaging in 2021?

E-liquid solutions and flavors are widely in use in this era. With the rapid indulgence of this product, the competition has become tougher.

Every other brand claim to sell promising products. However, in this challenging aura, not only do you need to enhance the quality of the product but also make its packaging as enticing as you can.

To bloom in the industry of e-cigarette and in manufacturing E-Cigarette Boxes, there are a number of factors that you should keep in mind.

Popularize Your Product on Social Media

You can make your product popular on social media as in today’s era, and every other person has easy access to the internet.

With digital marketing, not only would your product stay in the limelight, but your packaging would also stay in the notice. With the help of your social media pages, you can promote your brand.

Give your followers incentives and discounts so that they can share your page with friends and family.

The Packaging Says it all

Work on its packaging. The packaging is supposed to be unique. This is the only way to stand out in the market as there are a number of brands selling e-cigarettes and bringing innovations in these E-Cigarette Boxes.

You can make your packaging exciting. This way, it not only develops the interest of the customer to buy from you but also excites him that if the packaging is thought-provoking, the product inside would be of top-notch quality as well.

It is recommended to make the packaging interesting so that it excites the customer while unboxing it.


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