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6 Tips to Clear Negative Energy With Yogic Techniques

Have you ever noticed that some people or places have a bad vibe? That is simply the energy radiating out of a person or a place. You might or might not believe it, however, there is an energy exchange between your body and the entities surrounding you. Not every energy is positive or good for you. Thus, you should know how to clear negative energy from your body or mind.

With that said, here are some of the easiest ways that you can use to clear negative energy. Keep reading to not miss out on anything important.

Easiest Ways to Clear Negative Energy


One of the most effective ways that you can use to clear negative energy is to visualize. The art of visualization uses imagination to think about positive outcomes or scenarios. In short, you consciously change the way you think.

This helps in relieving your mind from thinking negative thoughts. Moreover, visualization ensures you remain in the positive aura that nullifies the impact of negative entities around you. In case you wish to learn visualization from yoga experts, you should join a 200 hour YTT course.

Clean Your Space

Sometimes, things cluttered around you could also radiate negative energy. In spirituality, a clean space around you has a greater significance. It is believed that your surrounding reflects inside your mind. Therefore, to clear negative energy from your mind and body, you should start by cleaning the space around you.

This signifies making space in your mind for new and positive things. Hence, it automatically flushes out the negative emotions or feelings out of your mind. Therefore, cleaning the space has a therapeutic effect on your mind.

Practice Shielding

Shielding is another form of visualization technique that you should use to clear negative energy from your life. In this yoga technique, you visualize a bubble wrapped around your body at a safe distance. The aim is to block as much negative energy as possible.

It might need some practice before you become a master of this particular technique. However, over time, this will surely help you remain unaffected no matter what is going on around you.

Using Healing Techniques

You will give rise to negative emotions when you spend too much time dealing with negative entities. In that case, visualization might not help you. However, you can use different healing techniques. The one that is the most effective in such cases is using Crystal Healing.

It is one of the most direct healing techniques that use different crystals. They vibrate at a certain frequency that flushes out low vibration frequency out of your body. In short, you are going to enjoy a fit and healthy life.

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Set New Intentions

Your intention is going to help you stand the tough times in your life. Some people live like they are riding a wave. Whereas some plan everything. However, what matters most is what you think about a particular situation.

In that case, your intention will denote whether you are going to get positive or negative results. That means you should think positively about a certain situation. This way you negate the negative emotions attached to that.

Burn Incense

Do you know that smell deeply impacts the way you think? That’s right! When you smell some sweet fragrance, your mind automatically calms down. Positive thoughts hover over your mind that does not let your mind wander.

Further, it helps you clear negative energy without doing much. You can always burn an incense stick to get the negative energy out of your mind and space. Doing this ensures you remain in the present moment rather than thinking over something irrelevant.

Sum Up

Apart from the tips mentioned above, there are many more yoga techniques that you can practice to get rid of negative energy. One of the best long-term practices is meditation. Practicing meditation helps you stay in the best mental state.

Moreover, meditation practice ensures your mind is calm and it not wandering anywhere. Further, you learn to control your mind even if you get in touch with negative vibes or energy. Hence, make sure you make meditation practice a part of your life.

Using all the techniques mentioned above is going to help you clear negative energy and live a happy & wholesome life.

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