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7 Reasons for Popularity of Samsung Galaxy Tablets over the past years

There are several tablet models claiming their superiority in the segment. This article looks at 7 reasons why the Samsung Galaxy tablets have maintained their immense popularity over the last decade.

Samsung is a globally endeared and trusted brand in the segment of home and personal electronics. It was one of the flag bearers of the original Android OS-based devices. Also launched its first tablet back in 2010.

Both the company and the smart device technology have come a long way since then. Samsung Galaxy tablets have been some of the best-selling devices in their segment year on year and the pattern continues to date.

This is because of a combination of a wide variety of models, superior technology, myriad specifications, and diversity in the range of Samsung tablet prices. In this article, we will take a look at 7 reasons for the immense popularity of Samsung Galaxy tablets.

  1. Portability

One of the primary functions of a tablet is to provide mobility. This is one of the most significant aspects of why tablets are prefer over laptops. Being lightweight and built with a rugged chassis is a vital requirement. Samsung Galaxy tablets allow you to replace your PC or laptop and ensure productivity on the go.

  1. Battery Life

This is another important aspect, which enhances the portability factor of your tablet. However, this is an equally important factor while the tablet is being used indoors. since it gives you the freedom of movement within your house or your room, and be comfortably snuggled up in bed. The Samsung Galaxy tablets boast a long-lasting battery life of up to 14 hours. thus keeping you entertained and efficient without the hassle of a clutter of charging wires.

  1. Display Size and Quality

The one main apprehension in the minds of most people used to be the fact that tablets offer small screen sizes. And therefore, are not ideal devices to view or work on. This misconception has long been negated by the Samsung Galaxy series of tablets which come with bold and vivid screens, and more than adequate screen sizes. In fact, some of these tablets have as much as 10.1 inches display size with UHD pixel resolution, making them an admirable work or play companion.

  1. Technical Specifications

No tablet can truly become popular or replace a PC unless it has technical specifications. which can match the daily requirements of its user. Samsung caught on to this very quickly and ensured. Enhanced features in every subsequent version of the Galaxy tablet that it has launched.

Fast processing speeds, high RAM size of 3GB – 4GB, adequate internal storage with the options of expanding. It multifold using a microSD card are just some of the reasons why Samsung tablets have been able to maintain high user efficiency, thus making them a popular choice amongst the buyers. In fact, the expandable memory can go up to 512 GB, which is better than what a lot of laptops currently offer in the market.

  1. Value for Money

As we have seen in the above points, Galaxy tablets are able to match most of the features of your standard PC. Over and above that, they are able to provide features of smartphones as well, like portability, front and rear cameras, access to Google Play Store apps, etc.

All this, at a fraction of the price of a high-end laptop. In fact, in most cases, the tablet price is almost half of the corresponding PC price. This is one of the defining reasons for the popularity of tablets in general and Samsung Galaxy tabs in particular.

  1. Brand Value and Trust

For over 5 decades, Samsung has been a reliable and trusted brand in the consumer market for electronics and appliances. Their yearly sales are some of the highest in the world across a variety of products.

The Samsung tablet prices are well-tune to the needs and preferences of their consumer base. Their post-sales support is another important feature that has added to this trust and continued their popularity over the past several years.

  1. Work and Play

Most people consider tablets to be a marriage between smartphones and PC. With the current work-from-home culture, Samsung Galaxy tabs are a true boon. They allow you to be productive and efficient while working from a host of places.

Moreover, they also provide you with several sources of entertainment, like movies, music, and games. All without the need to keep shuffling between several devices.

Bottom Line

Samsung tablets have been popular in the market due to several reasons. A few of which we have tried to capture in this article. Their constant efforts in the field of R&D to keep providing superior features.

 And their exciting marketing campaigns and promotions are likely to maintain this popularity for several years to come. You can visit the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store to browse through several options of Samsung Galaxy tablets. Avail of exciting deals with your purchase. Additionally, you can use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to purchase the tablet you prefer on No Cost EMI.


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