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7 Tips to Increase Storage Space in Your House with a Pax Wardrobe

Planning a pax wardrobe is a very stressful process if you take the DIY route. It involves many components and options to confuse the average homeowners trying to build a nice closet. As overwhelming as it may sound, you need a place to store your clothes and accessories to take good care of them.

The process gets easier once you get hold of the basics associated with the design and implementation. Most people require the start to learn the whole process and display their creative skills quickly. Nevertheless, it is always recommended to have a detailed plan with the help of experts to build a closet on your own.

Reasons to Build a Closet Yourself

People find it easier to call “the guy” to build a closet in their new home. For them, the process is too demanding of their time to plan and execute. Moreover, some even argue the professionals will make the wardrobe look more appealing than their rookie hands.

The argument is convincing enough, but you must consider the financial impact on your budget. The whole process may sound incredibly difficult if you are trying to build a wardrobe for the first time. Nevertheless, it will look easier with time after installing the first shelf on the wall.

Also, you can easily order the raw material to build the wardrobe through online marketplaces. The price comparison is easy, and they will deliver to your doorstep. For financial assistance, contact a direct lender for Christmas loans in the UK.

Tips to Design a Pax Wardrobe

The process to plan a pax wardrobe will require assistance to start. You can use the help of online communities to find creative ways to save time, effort and improve the quality. Or, use the following tips to serve the purpose while building a wardrobe for the first time.

1. Leave the Design Options for Later

You don’t have the waste time on finding the perfect theme and other design choices in the initial stage. The focus should remain on the structure and the type of storage to build. Moreover, you need to find ways to make the best use of the limited space available to build a wardrobe.

The design options are simple to select after the structure of the wardrobe is complete. You may change your mind about the design multiple times until the entire project is complete. And it won’t have an impact on the structure or practicality of the wardrobe.

2. Find the Storage Items

A wardrobe can store endless types of products in your possession for easy accessibility. It is storage people commonly use for clothes and related accessories. Nevertheless, you should create a list of items to store in the wardrobe to help with the layout.

Answer the important questions during this step, such as the type of accessories and the ideal way to store them. You might want to hang the expensive dresses and suits while T-shirts can take the bottom shelves. Thus, come up with the exact plan to store items in your wardrobe to design the structure and layout.

3. Declutter

The smaller spaces to build wardrobes may require people to declutter their houses. It will ensure the space is enough to put their belongings without overloading the shelves. You can use the additional clothes and accessories to donate or sell online based on your preference.

Though, you should build extra space to accommodate the future purchases of clothes and related items. It is a very common mistake people make only to increase their troubles in the future. It will require redesigning of the wardrobe or regular decluttering to make space for new clothes.

4. Types of Storages

You can decide the type of storage to install in the wardrobe once the items are clear. Numerous options are available in terms of function, size, and shape to decide. The popular options include shelf space, hanging space, and drawers.

Hanging spaces are ideal if you own formal clothing such as dresses, suits, and shirts. Though, it makes more sense to fold the clothes if you want to make the best use of space. People on benefits need a loan today from a direct lender more than banks to cover the cost of these shelves because of the flexible repayment plan.

5. Use the Height

You can increase the available space in your wardrobe with the use of the height of the ceiling. It is a very common practice to cover the entire wall with shelves inside the wardrobe. However, you should take the measurements accurately to make sure the wardrobe fits in perfectly during the assembling process.

Of course, the top shelves will remain hard to access if you are among the average British population. You can use stairs or some furniture to use them. Therefore, store only the rarely-used items on the upper shelves to make your life easier.

6. Remain Creative

You may find the situation when the execution doesn’t go as per the plan. You need to find creative solutions to fix the problem instead of abandoning the project. One of the best parts about these projects is their flexibility to make changes at any stage.

You can use panels if your wardrobe’s height is smaller than the ceilings. It will work to extend the wardrobe for smaller ceilings as well. If you ever feel out of ideas, take help from your neighbors, friends, or family to find the required solution.

7. Extras Can Wait

Similar to the design elements, the fittings and fixtures can wait until the structure is complete. You will find plenty of options available to increase the storage space or create a dedicated space for certain items. These add-ons are small in size to not affect the layout of your pax wardrobe.


To sum up, the entire process of building a wardrobe will get easier with every step. It will help save money on the interior design and increase the value of your house. Though, keep in mind the safety measures as the tools can inflict serious damage if you are careless.

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