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A Beginner’s Guide To Ultra-high-performance Tyres

Tyres come in several categories like – summer, winter, high-performance, all-season, etc. These are tyres that we generally come across. However, not many people know about ultra-high-performance tyres. Nevertheless, these units are ideal for performance vehicles like sports cars and supercars.

Ultra-high-performance tyres can tackle a higher horsepower, improve high-performance rides and deliver a sporty, responsive driving experience with brilliant traction levels. The UHP tyres can drive at the fastest speed of 240-300 km/h with an outstanding aptitude. Besides top speed and agility, these tyres also enhance a car’s cornering potential, handling and heat dissipation. Initially, these tyres were only suitable for high-end sports vehicles. But, with changing consumer demand and changing times, vehicle manufacturers worldwide now provide performance-tuned cars which fit ultra-high-performance tyres.

Car Tyres Colindale usually have a high price tag and are not durable. They have a firm grip, which provides high levels of street performance each time you drive your vehicle. Ultra-high-performance tyres should not be confused with all-terrain or touring tyres. Such tyres are more inclined towards longer life and comfort. But, they cannot withstand the high speed and agility performance of UHP tyres.

Making of Ultra-high-performance Tyres

This tyre variant incorporates a revolutionary silica rubber tread compound and can cope with the high-performance needs of a vehicle’s engine. These units concentrate on three essential development factors, which are – construction (for better stability, handling and steering precision), tread compound (for outstanding grip), and tread pattern (the placement of grooves and blocks that ensures high grip and reduced braking distances). The UHP tyres have a broader grip to deliver maximum contact with the ground and high-speed safety. The rim size of UHP tyres is larger than standard tyres, and they’ve narrow sidewalls for larger brakes. It leads to the lower aspect ratio of the tyre that assures higher stability, better handling and superior control at high speeds.

UHP Tyre Types

The ultra-high-performance tyres are available for all categories, i.e. winter, summer, and all-weather.

Winter ultra-high-performance tyres – This range of tyres offer exceptional grip in freezing weather like ice and snow. The performance winter tyres consist of a snowflake and mountain mark that denotes their expertise. These units feature a bigger width to fulfil the requirements of performance-oriented vehicles in the winter.

Summer ultra-high-performance tyres – The ultra-high-performance for hot conditions deliver exceptional performance under damp and dry settings with additional focus on high-speed cornering. But, when the temperatures begin to drop, the tyres tend to lose some of their traction and grip.

All-weather ultra-high-performance tyres – The UHP tyres are suitable for all weather conditions, offering grip a bit less than their summer variants under warm conditions. However, the positive side to it is, they offer sufficient traction in all weather situations throughout the year.

How Long Does UHP Tyres Last?

Tyres from this category do not ensure longevity or durability. As these units respond to performance-oriented engines of high-speed vehicles and sports cars, they’re more inclined towards performance with their high-steering response and low profile. As a result, the tyres wear out faster compared to the regular car tyres. According to some tread wear tests, standard all-season tyres tend to cover a distance of more than 100,000 kilometres. But, the UHP all-season tyres last for more than 75,000 kilometres on average.

Where Can We Use Ultra-high-performance Tyres?

There were times when these UHP tyres were limited for track use only. But now, with the growing technology, the modern ultra-high-performance tyres can serve a dual driving purpose, i.e. they are suitable for roads and tracks.

Why Do You Require UHP Tyres and Who Should Use Them?

There are many reasons for fitting your vehicle with UHP tyres. The primary reason is, your car came with ultra-high-performance tyres as its original equipment. Secondly, if you love adventures and turn up for regular driving or racing events.

Moreover, if you want to become a professional racer, you must own a set of high-performance tyres. In both the mentioned setups, regular car tyres won’t cope with the extreme pressure. It can result in the severe sidewall and tread damage with insecure traction and grip.

Another reason for choosing UHP tyres can be the driver wants to use their car to its full potential. At the same time, maintain the best levels of traction and feel.

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