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Apple wants to come to India by stop production in China

Corona originated in Wuhan, China. Many countries around the world are turning away from Chinese technology because of that.

They want to focus on India, Thailand, Vietnam. Even mobile companies like Apple are producing iPhone 11, iPhone XR in India.

Not only big companies but also follower companies want to expand their business in India.

This is expected to create 5.5 million jobs in India in the next one year.

Apple-linked manufacturers have already relocated six of their manufacturing facilities to India.

Apple wants to come to India by stop production in China

Vendor companies not only want to shift the production of smartphones.

But they also want to do business in the Indian market in the field of making laptops, tablets, computer parts.

If that happens tomorrow, iMac, the iPad will be cheaper. Because you don’t have to pay high tariffs to import Chinese-made parts.

According to sources, Apple’s maker has already set foot in India.

A few more companies are coming. Among them are leading companies like Samsung, Pegatron, Foxconn, Wishtron.

Many countries and organizations around the world are trying to enter the Indian market in Corona.

The center is putting up several schemes to attract them.

Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said 22 domestic and foreign companies would jointly produce goods worth Tk 11.5 lakh crore in the next five years.

As a result, it will be able to export more than 6 lakh crore abroad.

India has announced that it will provide land for Apple.

For which 4,61,579 hectares of land has been identified.

So if it can fix such a large amount of land, then Apple will be recognized as the largest exporter in India.

Apple, one of China’s largest investors, is expected to do well if it can run its own business.

A large number of people have lost their jobs in Corona.

GDP is at the bottom. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken about a self-reliant India.

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Economists believe that if foreign companies, along with domestic ones, look at the Indian market, the employment rate and GDP will turn around.


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