Are you eat flour? What are the side effects of it?

eat flour

The refined form of wheat is flour. The flour is press several times to make it. And then it became smooth. We don’t mind wheat, but It is often called unhealthy, and it has some side effects.

Wheat contains phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, selenium, iron, and many other vitamins and fiber. So, overall, it is quite nutritious.

But in the process of making flour, none of its qualities remain. Flour bran is helpful in its digestion process, but this bran is the first to be excluded from flour.

eat flour

After that, the bleaching process is used to whiten the color again. As a result, there is nothing left of the nutrients. Flour, on the other hand, absorbs much of the body’s nutrients when digested.

There is no problem in eating flour once in a while, but for those who eat it regularly, it is really difficult to control their blood sugar level.

What are the side effects of eating flour?

1. Blood pressure levels may rise –

If you think it would be right to put wheat in the diet, then it can be called wrong. This is because wheat-based foods are quite harmful to the body.

The carbohydrates in wheat are called amylopectin. Two pieces of bread made of wheat increase the level of sugar in the body to equal to 6 teaspoons of sugar.

2. Intestinal damage may occur by it side effects –

Lactose can damage the intestines. When you eat flour, 70 percent of the fiber in the food is depleted. Your body does not get the fiber you need.

Without the help of fiber, the body cannot clean the intestines and send them out of the body.

3. Allergy problems –

In addition to this, food made from wheat is considered to be the biggest cause of food allergies. A protein called gluten is found in various vegetables. And it is used to soften the flour.

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It is used to soften the bread. Wheat already contains gluten. And this food is not tolerated by many.

4. Reduces the rate of metabolism in your body –

Foods with a high glycemic index are known to be harmful to the body because they reduce the body’s metabolism rate.

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