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Are you looking for Custom Mylar bags?

It is not surprising that you are looking for mylar bags in UNITED STATES. As they have generally been quite difficult to get hold of for a reasonable price. Most of the time when looking for mylar bags. You are faced with an American retailer with bargain prices. But extremely high UNITED STATES shipping. You can see how hard it has been to find custom Mylar bags in the UNITED STATES. By looking at some forum posts from the famous Long Term Food Storage forums:

The main reason for the difficulty in acquiring in UNITED STATES. Is that the highest quality mylar bags. And therefore the most attractive bags for the discerning customer. Are sold by retailers in the USA, which means high import fees and high shipping rates.

Many retailers like to point out that their bags are made in the USA.

The reality is that the vast majority of printed are made in US, not the United States. The quality of any bag, regardless of the country of origin. Is primarily determined by the thickness (caliber) of the bag. A 2.5 mil (63.5 micron) thick USA made Mylar bag. Will not provide better protection than a 7.0 mil (178 micron) thick bag made in US. If the country of manufacture is of great importance to you as a customer. e always advise you to ask the seller for proof that the bag is indeed made in the USA. From our experience,

You should also check the thickness or caliber of the bags being sold, as some retailers neglect to specify this vital information. A thicker bag is not always better suited to your needs than a thinner bag, as thinner bags (minimum 3.5 mil, 89 microns) are more flexible, therefore easier to use, less expensive and are ideal for use. some applications, especially short to medium long term storage and packaging. Thicker bags will, however, offer much better resistance to heat, light, humidity and gas transmission, so the food and products stored in them will last longer.

Why can’t I buy High Quality Mylar Bags from a UNITED STATES store?

Well now you can! The brandmydispo team buys large quantities of mylar bags and oxygen absorbers from the best manufacturers in the world to keep our Mylar bags as thick as possible! We are also proud to say that all Mylar bags sold at brandmydispo are of the highest food grade quality. As we order such a large quantity of Mylar bags from UNITED STATES so we are able to offer you the lowest prices you will find online with the cheapest shipping!

Why the quality of material in Mylar Bags?

The quality of the Mylar bag only matters if you care about the contents! Many Mylar bag retailers will sell simple clear foil bags like and advertise that they are lightfast and great for storing food! Obviously, any bag that lets in light won’t be the best type of bag for long-term food storage . Mylar brand my dispo only sells thick enough to provide complete protection against the deleterious effects of light and oxygen on food and other items. We also make sure that we deliver our bags to you in the best possible condition will lead us to…

How can you ship your Mylar bags to UNITED STATES?

Boutique Mylar has great shipping expertise for and oxygen absorbers , to the UNITED STATES and beyond! An important facet of shipping No matter where they go, is recognizing the tough race they will face on their way to the customer! For example, many online retailers, in the UNITED STATES and elsewhere, will line their mylar bags which will create punctual holes in the liner and when travel from the US to the UNITED STATES is involved these holes will become large enough to create a real problem with proper long term food storage . Here at brandmydispo, we make sure to never fold our Mylar bags and they will arrive to you in the same pristine condition they reached us! We also offer courier delivery to quickly deliver your Mylar bags to you! brandmydispo can have the highest quality right at your doorstep in no time!

What to know about the use of Custom Mylar Bags


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