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Backpackers Guide to Marrakech

Morocco, also called as the Kingdom of Morocco Marrakech. Is a North African country bordering the Atlantic sea and the Mediterranean sea. The country is  characterized by its Arabia, Berber and European cultural influences. Morocco is a gateway to the African continent while being an uncontrolled combination of Spain, North Africa, France and Portugal.  It is a country of proud people with an amazing and rich history. It is also a safe country for foreign tourists. Here is the backpackers guide to Marrakech with Marrakech tour package.

Drinking water

It is safe to drink tap water in Morocco but just if you know beforehand if the city or town rightly filters its water. Although a lot of big cities in Morocco have best filtering system, some of them still do not.

The Moroccan administration are becoming more and more worried about the pollution caused by the plastic bottles of water. Many hotels will provide filtered water that is safe to drink their guests.

Bathroom facilities

Public toilets are rare in the little town and villages of Morocco and they generally do not have toilet paper. so forever carry some with you. You can find public toilets in train and bus stations where you might have to pay a little fee to use them.

In general, people will not throw toilet paper into the toilet as the drains block simply. It is excellent to use the little bin offered instead.

Built in the late nineteen century as a ceremonial place. the House of Wonders is, in itself, a perfect piece of colonial architecture.  The mansion was eventually changed into a museum and opened to the public in 2005.

Even today, it is still extremely much a work in progress. Real exhibitions in the museum cover such topics as the maritime culture of the Swahili coast and the Indian ocean. The architecture and history of Stone Town, Zanzibar industrial heritage. And the job that the country played in the business life of Africa.

Internet and getting SIM card

The internet is the most big Moroccan cities is relatively quick and reliable but it is hard to find a best WiFi connection in the more remote places.

Many cafes, restaurants, and hotels provide free Wifi as long as you are a paying customer.  The top way to have decent, quick and reliable internet in Morocco and best things to do in Morocco is to buy a SIM card and use your mobile data as a hotspot for your notebook.

The old dispensary boasts intricately carved balconies and different other decorations. which all reflect the multicultural nature of life in stone town. Built to celebrate Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria, it was intended that it would become a hospital. Anyway, these plans never came to execution in the end, it was used as a dispensary for drugs.

Following the revolution of 1964 in Zanzibar, the building was taken over the administration. while restoration work start in the 1990s. Today, the Old Dispensary is home to a little museum. That is devoted to telling the story of the buildings restoration and the history of the waterfront area.

The peace memorial museum in stone town has unhappily fallen victim to structural deterioration.  Hence, many of its most important shows have been moved to the House of Wonders, while attraction fate is being debated. Two possible advises contain a children museum or a kids museum or an exhibition relating to the atmosphere.

There are three big telecommunication firms from which you can purchase a Sim card; inwi, orange or Maroc telecom.

Renting an appointment in Morocco

Placed next door to the Ben Youssef Medersa, the Musee de Marrakech is not actually a museum about Marrakech, but a little collection of diverse exhibits housed in a sweet nineteen century palace. As with the Musee des Confluences, the Musee de Marrakech is less of interest for its shows than for the building which houses them.

Commissioned by Morocco defense minister, Mehdi Mnebhi, it was a constructed around an important central patio with a big brass chandelier. Other important parts of the building contain its private hammam and kitchen. The collection contains coins, antiques, ceramics, musical instruments, and jewellery, and there is a little collection of contemporary sculptures and paintings.

Renting an apartment in the larger Moroccan cities can be relatively affordable, although it depends on where you are in which time of the year you are starting to rent. Our advice is to look housing after or before high season as the prices will be lower. So discover the best attractions in Marrakech and find cheap Morocco tour packages online now.


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