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Best hosting review and deal sites for 2021

The Indian digital market is thriving, and many companies are searching for web hosting companies that will be proved best for India in 2021.

If this is your concern as well as worry not, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will try our best to provide you the answers to your question of best hosting for Indian bloggers in 2021:

Best hosting company in India

Following are the options for best hosting for Indian bloggers in 2021:

Blue host India 

Bluehost is considered the legendary web hosting company for bloggers. It is recommended by WordPress itself. So this makes it very clear that they have great performance. Bluehost India is quite famous and provides easy-to-use phases for its users. 


  • With Bluehost, you get the free SSL certificate
  • No additional cost for a domain for a year
  • Easy to use 
  • Access to unlimited accounts
  • Abundance of resources
  • Cancellation policy for 30 days

Hostinger India

For anyone who is looking for a prominent web hosting company, Hostinger is a perfect choice. In many surveys, it has even been considered the top WordPress hosting in India. Coming from a great registrar company, it has a high reputation, and it maintains it with performance. Visit Hostinger India Coupon


  • With Hostinger India you get a free domain name
  • Their customer support is spectacular
  • You get support for PHP Drupal and WordPress. 
  • Money back policy which can be availed within 30 Days
  • They guarantee an uptime of 99.9% which is quite good. 

GoDaddy India

No introduction is needed for this well-known web hosting company which also provides a domain registrar facility. They are quite popular for the registration of domain names but their web hosting service is also commendable. They have been in the business for quite a time and have proven their caliber every now and then.


  • They offer Linux hosting which is quite rare to find.
  • Widely spread data centers in main locations
  • They provide guaranteed uptime of 99.9%
  • You also get a free domain with their hosting plan.
  • They are known for their speed

HostGator India

If you’re reading this blog post then you might be focusing on the audience residing in India or near India. You will be glad to know that their service has great results in this region. Though they have both .com and .in these both extensions have great results. 


  • You get free domain for a span of one year
  • SSL certificate with no extra cost which also has LetsEncrypt
  • Bandwidth and disk space are provided without any limitations which is a good news
  • They provide round the clock support which is accessible or approachable through ticketing, phone, or live chat
  • You also get a free website

FastComet Mumbai

Along with other web hosting services FastComet also has some amazing features which are great enough to keep their users sticking to them for such a long time. Their performance and Uptime are spectacular but they are known for their speed concerning the server which is very important for any blogger. 


  • It has its data center in Mumbai which is a major city in India. 
  • You get a fast website which is done through the SSD server
  • The high number of data centers to give a variety for selection
  • Domain transfer at no extra cost
  • Their server time is a measure to be up to 99.8%
  • The cancellation policy lasts for 45 days

A2 Hosting India

If you’re looking for one of the promising web hosting companies for blogging in India then it is impossible to not include A2 hosting in it. They have flexible plans which attract many users in India. It can be a little expensive for newbies. But for the ones who are ready to spend to get a splendid website for blogging you are open to the great option. 


  • You email accounts without any limitations on the number
  • The storage is offered in an unlimited amount
  • You get access to the back and restore without having to pay extra if you have subscribed to the bigger plans.

Hostarmada India

No matter if it’s an American web hosting company, Hostarmada still provides great service and performance in the Indian region as well. They are new players in the market, but surely do perform well even among the big names. This is the reason why they are on this list of web hosting companies in India for bloggers. 


  • No cost for transferring website
  • An uptime of 99.99%
  • You can install WordPress easily with a single click
  • You get cloud storage
  • Backups are provided by the web hosting company regularly
  • No limitations on email
  • A great feature of drag and drop site builder which makes the task easy


Which server is good for my website?

If you are targeting an Indian audience then it is advised to God or an Indian server.

Is support good in these companies?

Yes, they have an excellent support team.

Will I get a free domain name?

Yes, many companies provide free domain names. You can check accordingly which hosting you would prefer.

Wrapping up

With this article, it might be clear to you that web hosting options are many for you if you stay in India. It is a master of time that you just have to do a little reading which is already done by you. 

Now you just need to include all the essential factors and features that you need in your web hosting and then you can decide which one to choose.

But before you make the final decision do not forget to check the pricing, plans, features, performance to get a beneficial deal. 

Don’t forget to save money with hostarmada black friday deals 2021.


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