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Best LEGO Games in 2022

Best LEGO Games in 2022: It have earned a name for themselves by adapting comics, movies and other popular franchises. They also bring their own charm to the world. The LEGO game is a puzzle platformer that combines the best of both puzzle and vehicle platforms. It’s a great family-friendly option for Switch consoles.

LEGO places the fun element front and center, allowing players to enjoy great gameplay with funny characters and clever dialogues. Each game has a variety that keeps the novelty alive. Lego games are still thriving in competitive gaming because of their light gameplay and digestible stories.

The Best LEGO Games to Switch

Participate in the adventure with your favorite superhero or iconic characters. The 11 best LEGO games for Switch consoles will allow you to explore the fantasy world of Lego.

LEGO Worlds

LEGO World is all about fun and exploring new things in a procedurally created world. It’s what LEGO enthusiasts have been waiting for since the inception of LEGO games.

The best thing about LEGO World is the variety of surprises that are scattered throughout its randomized terrain. Split screen allows you to have couch fun with another friend while exploring and fighting monsters. You will always find a new place to visit, new dungeons, or new items to collect.

You can build more structures by collecting golden bricks. The world editor allows you to create small houses or large structures. LEGO World is your playground. You can build, destroy, and create your very own adventure.

The LEGO Ninjago Movie VideoGame

Interactive versions of the most beloved LEGO franchise are available. They bring quirky humor and cool scenes into the videogame industry. As the game tells the story of Ninjago, the adventure takes you back from the beginning.

Due to the studs mode, which allows you to unlock new abilities and increase combat complexity as well as giving you a variety of options to defeat different types of enemies, this game is more action-oriented for best action gamers. The movie features eight locations where players can have fun fighting enemy and solving puzzles like a Ninja.

It has everything a Ninjago fan needs to know about the history and legends of the Ninjago series, from colorful characters to creepy alien-looking antagonists. You can also test your skills in fighting waves upon enemies with the Dojo Challenge mode. This is a great addition to the linear story mode.

LEGO DC Super-Villains

It can be difficult to take the best DC comic franchises and convert them into LEGO games. But Traveller’s Tale has done an amazing job of incorporating dark comics franchises in playful games.

Its fun gameplay and lighthearted puzzles are what make the game unique to the LEGO franchise that we all love. The Justice League is gone and replaced by the Justice syndicate, whose sole purpose is to bring chaos to the world.

Explore the open-world, which includes many iconic DC locations and complete levels for progressing through fifteen-story missions.

You can create your own character and unlock new customizations and abilities. This will help you discover the cause behind the sudden appearance super-villain clones that only want to destroy. This game features some of the most memorable voices straight from the Batman animated series.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2

It has perfected the art of free roaming and unlockable characters to such an extent that they never get old. LEGO Marvel Superheroes2 is an adventure in the open universe of the Marvel Universe. Marvel Superheroes 2 can be described as a LEGO game rather than a Marvel one, but it has tons of Marvel content that players can enjoy.

The gameplay mechanics and character designs of LEGO games are identical. However, the list of one hundred and ninety-four characters and the opportunity to fight against friends on a couch-co-op are the best treats players have for chaotic entertainment.

You will play the role of a superhero in different dimensions and time periods of Marvel cinematics. Then, you’ll have to fight Kang the Conqueror, a time-travelling supervillain. You will find new time puzzle mechanics and vehicles to explore, as well as four-player couch coop and many secrets in the Marvel Universe’s open world. All this is contained within one hub.

LEGO The Incredibles

The game is based upon Pixar’s highly acclaimed animated movie The Incredibles. You will play the role of a superhero family to restore the heroes to the world. Before you play the game, make sure you watch the sequel and the prequel.

LEGO The Incredibles is an family adventure-adventure that retells the story using its LEGO perspective and adapts scenes from the movie. The game is fun because you can get lost in the open, collect golden bricks, find Minikit, unlock new characters and vehicles, and even get lost in the world.

Enjoy the action-packed, family-friendly animated film and help bring justice back to the city by breaking down everything and collecting lego coins.

LEGO Jurassic World

The movie introduced the world the excitement of being caught up in dinosaur action like no other. LEGO’s Jurassic park movie adaptation is a combination of the best of Jurassic and Lego. It combines light humor and fun gameplay with cinematic storytelling.

The story of the 2000 Jurassic park trilogy and the 90’s is told in the game.

Jurassic World is a puzzle-platform game that focuses more on combat than on combat. However, it makes up for this by offering players gameplay mechanics like virtual shooting and quick events.

LEGO games are designed for families, so dinosaurs aren’t as dangerous as the movies. However, some scenes can make it difficult to keep children awake at night with their jump scares. The danger of being eaten by a Velociraptor is kept high with intense chase scenes.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes

This is one of the most amazing LEGO games, and possibly the best Marvel game Traveller’s Tales has ever released. LEGO Marvel Superheroes has everything that LEGO and Marvel fans want in a game. There is no definitive combat, but LEGO games have a simple gameplay system that allows for tons of fun.

It is a great way to discover the abilities of each character while exploring a map full of hidden secrets.

This game shines because of its unpredictability story aspect. It is both intense and challenging, and it has a lot to do with solving puzzles. There are many surprises when you meet new enemies and chase down the villains. These sweet surprises and iconic places like the realm of Asgard make the game enjoyable until the end.

LEGO Harry Potter Collection

LEGO Harry Potter Collection is a collection of all older Harry Potter Lego games, packaged in one package. This game tells the story of Harry Potter’s adventures from the Philosophers Stone to Deathly Hallows, with all DLCs and character packs.

The LEGO Harry Potter collection is a remastered version the oldest Harry Potter game. There was no voice-over and all communication is done using gestures so expect excessive acting and emotion.

While the game basically retells the Harry Potter story from start to end, players can still roam the academy of Hogwarts freely and solve many puzzles around the academy.

LEGO City: Cover

LEGO City Undercover is a charming story that was created by the developer without licensing any other franchises. However, their own ideas are mixed with humor and pop culture parodies. It was an absolute blast.

Traveller’s Tales managed to combine mobster mayhem and police drama to create an action-adventure adventure game full of clever jokes.

The open-world is more like a GTA Map. It allows you to progress through the game, which litters the map with tons of collectibles such as cars, platforms, personas, and more.

LEGO City Undercover may not be perfect but it is a great sandbox world that you can explore and use on many platforms. It is also well-positioned to tell its own story.

LEGO Builder’s Journey

Although the game is short and can be completed in less than two hours it has a lasting impression due to its unique take on Lego games. It’s an isometric puzzle game that tells the story of father-son in the most minimalist way possible.

You are taught new ways and elements to solve the puzzles and the puzzles aren’t difficult. It is important to remember that the game does not have difficult puzzles. The game was designed to be played after a long day at work.

The Nintendo Switch version Lego Builder’s Journey feels and looks the same as before, but there are some new levels that can easily be completed in under thirty minutes. This is a new take on LEGO games and I look forward to more such games in the future.

LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

The game visuals are stunning. They incorporate plastic life into the hyper-realistic, free-to explore worlds. Skywalker Saga takes gameplay to the next level by allowing the camera to be closed to the player’s third perspective, rather than being shot from above.

This allows for a more personal experience when shooting at the enemy with lightsaber blades. Skywalker Saga offers more options than other LEGO games that rely on simple buttons to combat.

You can also create a destroyed cover to hide during the shooting phase. The game features innovative gameplay and platformer puzzles. It also offers many interactives, including pod racing and Xwing trench runs.

It is amazing to see how far LEGO has come in re-creating the Star Wars scene with better visuals and the feeling of all elements LEGO games offer.


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