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Best Social Commerce Platforms For Brands To Drive Sales

Are you seeking the best social commerce platforms to generate sales for your business? If that’s the case, we’ve compiled a list of the finest social commerce platforms to invest in right now, guaranteeing considerable growth and exponential sales for your eCommerce business.

Social commerce was always going to be a powerful force. It has gradually grown in popularity over the previous few years. The popularity of social commerce platforms has skyrocketed in recent years worldwide. Brands now use social media to sell their products and services directly and offer discounts and deals that attract customers.

After all, why not? Millions of users use social media to actively participate, engage, and inspire others by regularly submitting massive volumes of data. The recent boom in social commerce serves as a harsh reminder that shopping has always been a communal activity.

Brand-Building Social Commerce Platforms

In this piece, we’ll look at seven social commerce examples from brands that are growing their businesses, as well as some suggestions you can utilize at your own company.


Instagram is the most popular social media platform for social commerce or selling on social media. This is one of the tops and most promising social commerce platforms for marketers, with the most active users.

At the top of the Shop page in Instagram Drops, users may explore and shop the most recent product debuts. Additionally, customers can sign up for product reminders that they are interested in. Users can make purchases right from the app.

Furthermore, Instagram allows marketers to promote their products through enthralling Instagram Stories and coupons, making content more intriguing, appealing, and engaging.


Pinterest is the developing and exponentially rising Social Commerce platform extending sales at an immense scale, as images are the primary reason for the rise of social commerce and its media.

Shopping Lists aggregate all of a user’s pinned products in one location, making it easy for them to return and buy when they’re ready. Users can also sign up for price drop alerts, which will remind them to buy when the price is perfect.

Pinterest even has Bots, automatic systems that schedule an endless number of pins to be posted to your accounts while also building boards for you. It may also find interested followers and send out invitations to potential clients, urging them to visit your Pinterest boards.


In 2007, Facebook launched social commerce platform by allowing users to purchase virtual presents for their friends; the following year, Facebook expanded its platform to allow marketers and businesses to sell their items through Facebook’s reach by offering discounts.

Brands may import or construct their catalogues, create an entire curated online store, run targeted adverts, collect valuable data, and communicate directly with customers, much like on a social store.

By refining their existing company profile, experimenting with sponsored ads, pushing items, reacting to customer comments, and producing more favourable customer reviews, brands can tap into the potential of Facebook.


Tiktok is a visual medium by nature, with in-feed features that have influenced social media behemoths like Instagram and YouTube.

Visual and interactive features abound on the platform, making it easy for brands to engage and build a community around their products. This is a platform for businesses to sell their wares to Tiktok users. Because it has quickly established an e-commerce capability that capitalizes on retail and social commerce’s growing popularity.

With TikTok’s new partnership with Shopify, the phrase “Tiktok made me buy it” has a whole new meaning. TikTok’s untapped potential has been noticed by the eCommerce platform. This is leveraging on the app’s capacity to make products and brands go viral.

Tag box Commerce

Tag box is a user-generated content (UGC) platform and social media aggregator that helps brands. And enterprises of all sizes, industries, and categories gather. And publish social and digital content across marketing channels.

Commerce Shopify app provides a wealth of chances for Shopify brands of all sizes to use it to promote social sales, establish social proof. Increase user engagement, attract customers, and provide a one-of-a-kind purchasing experience.

This commerce can assist you with the entire process. From collecting user-generated content from social media to displaying shoppable galleries on your company’s website. To make your content shoppable, contain all the content and tag your products in photographs and videos.


WeChat has made a significant contribution to the expansion of social selling. Mini-programs are critical to the platform’s social commerce success. They allow users to share content and purchasing experiences connected to eCommerce.

Another standard method of selling on WeChat is to set up an online store. Consumers can view and purchase your things directly. Following that, brands can open an online store on their official account.


The massive e-tailer has managed to worm its way into nearly every facet of our lives, including the books on our shelves and the devices in our pockets. Amazon’s success is nothing short of remarkable.

Amazon can generate more sales than any other online store by almost entirely advertising product promotions across its different social networks. 


Social commerce platform is the newest eCommerce marketing trend, and it is without a doubt increasing sales for many brands and enterprises that make use of its possibilities.

You’re not far from outshining your opponents with your success if you use the appropriate strategy and put in the necessary effort. As a result, start utilizing the social commerce platforms mentioned above to see outstanding results.

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