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Best Time To Visit Rajasthan: Best Weather and Month to Explore Rajasthan

Tourists from all over the world are very excited to explore the heritage beauty of Rajasthan. The state of Rajasthan is not only famous for its traditional values but also is famous for its stunning tourist destinations. The climate and weather of Rajasthan go up and down over the year. In summers, the state’s temperature is very high, and in monsoon and winter, it goes down. So tourists cannot enjoy the unseen beauty of Rajasthan over the year. 

Therefore you will get suggestions through this article for the best time to visit Rajasthan. Additionally, you will learn many tips which will help you during your Rajasthan tourism. So follow the article to select the best time to visit Rajasthan and book your Rajasthan tour packages accordingly. 

Summer Season (from April to June)

Summer season is not the best time to visit rajasthan

In the summer season, it is better to avoid visiting Rajasthan. Rajasthan is a boiling state, so the temperature of this state will go up in the summer months. Approximately the temperature in the daytime at Rajasthan is 35 to 48 degrees during the summer months. Due to the hot climate and humidity, the visitors are feeling very uncomfortable visiting the unique places of Rajasthan. Therefore summer is not the best time to visit Rajasthan

Besides this, the Rajasthan state also faces frequent dust storms on summer days. Thus there is a high chance of suffering from illness if you select summer days to visit Rajasthan. Additionally, you cannot see the Thar Desert at this time because of extreme hotness and dryness. But some places of Rajasthan like Mount Abu, Kumbhalgarh or Ranakpur are cooler than other places. Therefore, you can select one of these places to stay for your vacation. Apart from this, Rajasthan celebrates many fairs and festivals on these hot days. Festivals and Fairs like Mount Abu Summer Festival and Teej are famous in summer. The peoples of Rajasthan celebrate these festivals with lots of Joy and Happiness.

Moreover, if you choose the summer season for visiting Rajasthan, first you book a hotel or resort at Mount Abu or Kumbhalgarh. And for a summer vacation in Rajasthan, pack your bag with lots of loose and light clothes. Additionally, keep your sunglasses, sunscreen and hat. It will help you stay hydrated during your Rajasthan tourism on summer days. 

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Monsoon Season (from July to September)

The Monsoon season is the best time to go to Rajasthan. In the monsoon months, July to September, you will feel cooler rather than the summer season. The temperature of this state is about 21 degrees to 35 degrees in these months. Due to rainfall, the whole state looks beautiful and green. The temperature of all the cities of Rajasthan goes down, and tourists feel comfortable visiting different places. In the monsoon season, the best attraction of Rajasthan is wildlife views. The Ranthambhore National Park, Sariska Tiger Reserve, and Khichan Bird Sanctuary look beautiful due to green vegetation. 

Besides this, all these national parks are witnessed for migratory birds in this season. In the summer season, the lakes become dry, but all the lakes and ponds are full of water in the monsoon. So you will enjoy the beautiful sightseeing of the Lakes of Rajasthan. Additionally, you can enjoy boating in the lake with your family and friends. 

Apart from this, the most attractive place in Rajasthan during the monsoon season is Udaipur. You can enjoy natural phenomena at this time in Udaipur. Places like Monsoon Palace, City Palace, Raas Leela, Bagore Ki Haveli and Lake Pichola are turned cinematic in monsoon. The freshness of the weather and the glimpse of the neighbourhood hills make your Rajasthan tour more beautiful and exciting this season. You will get a stunning nature’s view at Rajasthan, creating great memories. Despite this, relatively few tourists visit Rajasthan in the monsoon season, even though you benefit from visiting beautiful places with less crowd. It is an off-season to visit and get affordable travel, hotels, and resorts costs. 

Suppose you plan to see Rajasthan during monsoon season, keep an umbrella and raincoat in your bag. And also, enjoy the palaces, forts, lakes and the beautiful lake views of Rajasthan during monsoon season. 

Winter Season (from October to March)

Winter months are best time to visit rajasthan

The wintertime is the best month to visit Rajasthan. The weather’s hotness and dryness are relatively low during the autumn and winter. The city’s temperature is 10 degrees to 27 degrees during these months. Sometimes the temperature goes low and becomes 0 degrees Celsius at night time. So you will feel relaxed and cosy to visit each tourist destination of Rajasthan at this time. 

Moreover, you can enjoy different outdoor activities with your friends and families. The amazing part of the cold days is staying in desert camps in the Thar Desert. The lighted and luxurious desert camps offer many facilities to visitors in the winter months. Additionally, you can enjoy the Camel ride, elephant safari and jeep safari in the sands of the Thar Desert. The beautiful evenings with cold soft breeze and campfire will increase your excitement during the winter season. Besides this, you can also enjoy the open dines and traditional dance of Rajasthan during cold months. 

The main attraction of the winter trip to Rajasthan is Pushkar Fair. This famous fair is held in November every year. Lots of people from corners of the world come to enjoy the vibrant beauty. Besides this, other fairs like Jaipur Literature Festival, Udaipur World Music Festival, and Camel Fair are also held. 

Suppose you plan to visit Rajasthan during the winter season. You must visit Mandawa, Bundi, Rohet, Ranakpur and Pushkar. You will get a fantastic experience and enjoy the stunning palaces, forts and buildings of Rajasthan. Another exciting thing during the winter season is street foods and street shopping of Rajasthan. Due to cold and cosy weather, you will comfortably enjoy the street foods and shopping in Rajasthan. Due to the lower temperature, you need woollen and winter clothes for visiting Rajasthan from October to March. On the whole, winter is the best season to visit Rajasthan

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Briefly, Rajasthan is an excellent tourist destination crowded mainly in winter. The cold months are the best time to visit Rajasthan as you can enjoy the splendid beauty of each heritage site and desert camp. 


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