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7 Methods to Boost Male Fertility: Everything You Need to Know

30-Second Summary

  • On a broad spectrum, the term infertility is the inability of a couple to become pregnant after one year of having regular unprotected sex.
  • While it’s relatively more common for women to be infertile, men can also suffer from it.
  • Male infertility is growing in numbers and is becoming a more and more common problem for modern men.
  • While it’s true that sometimes there can be an underlying medical condition causing the issues, men can undertake a few natural treatment strategies that can often solve the problem for good.
  • Today, we will introduce you to the most common causes for male infertility and give you seven natural methods to attempt to treat it.


A study from 2020 shows that infertility affects 8-12% of all couples worldwide,

with men being responsible or contributing to the causes in about 50% of cases. These statistics mean that about one in every ten couples will have issues with fertility. While sometimes the culprit can be a specific health problem; it’s paramount to attempt all the available natural treatments to remedy the issue.

If you think you’re experiencing infertility, know someone having it,

then stay tuned for more information on the causes and our top 7 methods to improve male infertility.

Meanwhile, start considering picking the best male enhancement supplement currently available to give your sexual desire and performance a boost.

Which Are the Leading Causes Behind Male Infertility?

For men, getting their partner pregnant is a lot more than simply engaging in intercourse. Behind the curtains, there are several crucial biochemical processes responsible for sperm production and health, sexual desire, reaching and maintaining an erection, and ejaculation.

Your brain and more specifically the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland secrete hormones that, in turn, stimulate testosterone and sperm production in the testicles. With male infertility, there can be a problem in each step of this chain of biochemical reactions. There can be an issue in the hypothalamus or the pituitary gland, the testicles, or the transportation of semen.

In rare cases, despite leading an active and healthy lifestyle, men can experience infertility for reasons beyond their way of life and aren’t subject to change. However, the following tips may not only resolve male infertility but can potentially boost sexual performance regardless of whether you’re experiencing reproductive issues or not.

Top 7 Methods to Improve Male Fertility

1. Try Acupuncture We’ve all heard of acupuncture. To be precise, it includes inserting small and thin needles into specific trigger points of your body for various purposes. The idea behind the method is that stimulating these points can restore and empower the body’s energy flow to accomplish a desired positive effect.

While there’s no conclusive evidence whether acupuncture can help in treating male infertility,

it might be because it’s logistically difficult to come up with a study plan and trial to prove its effectiveness.

Even if it doesn’t show the desired effect, it is still worthwhile to try it since it can have various positives and promote a healthy lifestyle.

2. Take up Yoga. Yoga is another centuries-old method that can have numerous beneficial effects on our bodies,

ranging from stress relief and staying fit to fighting specific medical conditions. As with acupuncture, studies on yoga’s effects on infertility are scarce, but it’s still worth giving it a try. 

Yoga will help you fight stress, and experts suggest it plays a role in infertility and sexual health issues in general. 

You can also check out Semenax, which is a natural supplement that can boost your sex life.

3. Start a Fertility Diet. According to many experts, doctors included, our diets define us. If you’re experiencing fertility issues, it might be worthwhile to look at your diet

and look for ways to introduce positive changes.

Start with limiting friend and processed foods that contain trans fats and sugary products, such as cakes, pastries, juices, and fizzy drinks.

Try to focus on foods high in fiber, such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Also, don’t forget about checking some Instahard reviews online. It’s a product full of natural ingredients, including niacin and zinc, which experts believe play a role in fertility.

4. Avoid Poor Habits. If you’re smoking cigarettes and experiencing male fertility issues, perhaps now is the best time to cut down on this detrimental habit. 

Evidence indicates that smoking can affect fertility and sexual health both in males and females.

Additionally, other studies show that excessive alcohol consumption can affect testosterone levels and hinder sperm health. Try to limit your intake to one drink per day or cut it out completely.

Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation. Various vitamins and minerals play a role in fertility.

You can look to get them from food or opt for Semenax that may be full of all the most beneficial ingredients, including zinc, vitamin E, L-arginine, and other plant extracts.

  1. Exercise Regularly. Exercising can not only keep you in top physical shape but regulate hormone production and boost male fertility.

Try to practice sports at least three times a week for optimal effects. Some of the more effective exercises include bodyweight training and weightlifting.

Also, don’t forget about checking out the best male enhancement supplements we mentioned above.

  1. Address Existing Medical Conditions. Sometimes an existing medical condition, such as varicocele, diabetes, or concomitant infections, like chlamydia, gonorrhea, mumps, or HIV, can affect your testosterone production and sperm health.

When experiencing male infertility, it’s always necessary to turn to a medical professional to go through the medical check-ups and get advice.

Final Words

Male infertility is becoming a more and more common condition nowadays. Whether there’s an underlying medical condition causing the issue or not, it’s always worthwhile to invest time in quitting your poor habits, trying acupuncture, yoga, Instahard, and other natural dietary supplements.

Nevertheless, even if you still experience fertility issues after that, these strategies will help you release stress, stay fit, get enough nutrients, and keep you healthier overall.


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