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Breathing exercises help heal your lungs quickly

In the corona pandemic, lungs become weak. What is the way to heal the injured lungs quickly? Those who have not yet fallen into the clutches of Corona, what to do, or their lungs will be healthy-strong do this exercise daily.

What is the benefit of steam inhalation?

According to experts, there are a number of breathing exercises, including other exercises, which keep the respiratory system healthy and the sick respiratory system also becomes normal quickly.

What are the benefits of breathing exercises?

Not only the lungs and trachea but also the chest-back-abdominal muscles are refreshed and blood circulation is normal.

Doing breathing exercises

As well as preventing the weakening of the lungs, the diseased lungs also heal faster. The whole body receives much more oxygenated blood.

What to do if the lungs become weak in the corona?

In the corona pandemic situation, the blood supply to the tiny cells (alveoli) of the lungs is disrupted, the phlegm accumulates and the performance of the lungs decreases. So the body wants to get rid of the phlegm in the hair as usual.

But when the body cannot do that, breathing difficulties increase. At such a time, first, you have to bend your knees like a blue-down.

Then lean forward with the elbow mass on the bed or floor. The forehead should be resting on the hands so that the face is almost close to the bed or the floor.

In this case, you have to try to cough loudly. If not, breathe out as loudly as possible. After doing this for a while, you will feel lazier. But after that, there will be a lot of comforts.

Does breathing exercise work if you have shortness of breath?

Of course, you should remember that if someone panics when they start having shortness of breath or see their oxygen saturation decrease.

And then the saturation is forced to decrease further and the shortness of breath increases further. Deep breathing is important to keep yourself calm.

These can be done even if there is no shortness of breath. It keeps the lungs healthy and strong

How to do this exercise?

Breathing exercises do lying down, lie on your stomach with your hands cross after that, you have to do deep breathing with your forehead in your hands.

It can also be done lying down. In that case, the legs should be bent. The hands should be placed on the abdomen in such a way that the elbows are on the floor or bed.

Your lungs heal by breathing exercises

When sitting or standing, you have to keep your hands on your waist. However, if you have difficulty breathing, it is better to lie down.

Fill the chest with the nose and hold the air in the lungs as long as you can (hold) as long as you can. Then slowly exhale through the nose or mouth (as if blowing).

If you make a humming sound with your mouth while exhaling, you will get better results.

Is there any benefit to taking vapor?

Many people think that the heat of steam or vapor kills the virus that is lodged in the lungs sinuses. But it is not.

The function of the sinuses behind and above the nose is to bring hot air to normal temperature and pass it through the airways to the lungs.

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So, even if you inhale steam at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, it does not stay hot enough to kill the virus. But yes, a little warmth will no doubt alleviate inflammation of the airways or sinuses.

There is no harm in inhaling steam, but there is a small benefit. However, there is still no evidence in medical science about this benefit.


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