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Buying fruits-vegetables-fish from the market, is it fresh?

Thinking of going to the market to buy a vegetable? Feeling very greedy to see fresh vegetables or fish? Think for a minute before buying. Because vegetables contain harmful chemicals!

He bought fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, and milk from the market. You don’t even know how long they are stale. Some unscrupulous traders are adding chemicals to it to make it look alive. Think about it. You can be sure.

The power of chemicals is so great that they can keep the body of a dead person fresh. If that strong substance enters our body little by little, it can cause a severe reaction!

Buying fruits-vegetables-fish from the market, is it fresh?

May cause pneumonia, bronchitis, gastritis! It even causes dangerous diseases like cancer.

Ways to recognize fresh fish-meat and vegetables –

The fish’s eye tells whether chemicals have been used. If there are no cloudy, dull, or signs of vitality, it should be understood that harmful chemicals have been mixed.

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during fish head, canoe, and oil. The stomach side of the fish with chemicals is softer.

When buying fish, it should be bought with understanding in hand. The fish on the pile is much safer. Chemical fish can be cut more easily than ordinary fish. Bleeding is not so much.

Don’t buy cut meat from the market because chemicals are applied to stale meat to keep it healthy. Buy meat that is being cut in front of the eyes.

The chemical has been given, if you have such doubts, don’t buy it at all. When Purchase the vegetables and fruits see the sign of freshness like – vegetable body color, brightness, and look that vegetables are crisp and soft.

After buying fruits, vegetables, fishes from the market, how to chemical-free them –

1) Soak in salt water before cooking. This reduces the number of harmful chemicals by 90 percent. Also, first washing the rice in water and then washing the fish with ordinary water also reduces the amount.

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2) Soak any fruit or vegetable in hot water mixed with salt for 10 minutes before eating or cooking.

3) Many people love dried fish. And a lot of chemicals are mixed in the dried fish. So, before cooking, first, soak dry in hot water for 1 hour and then in normal water for another 1 hour.

4) Before cooking fish, mix 5 teaspoons of vinegar in a pot of water and soak for 15 minutes. The fish is completely chemical-free.


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