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Cannabis Content Tips That Will Boost Rankings on Search engine

Search engine optimization for cannabis businesses is one of the best digital marketing tactics for increasing brand awareness. Boosting search engine rankings, and increasing qualified website traffic. Do you have a CBD content writer as part of your marketing plan?

Organic traffic to your website

If not, you are missing out on free organic traffic to your website and potential cannabis customers.

According to Wikipedia. Cannabis SEO is the process of affecting and influencing the online visibility of a cannabis-related website. Landing page in a search engine’s unpaid results – often referred to as “natural,” “organic” or “earned” results.

Cannabis SEO

Cannabis SEO, SEO, or dispensary SEO is all the same thing. Each tactic allows your website to rank higher in search results pages to attract. Qqualified people to your site and convert them into loyal customers.

If you’re looking to promote CBD oil without advertising. Wondering how SEO can help promote your medical dispensary. This article features 7 cannabis SEO tips to add to your marketing strategy.

Google Analytics chart showing cannabis SEO statistics

Google Analytics chart showing cannabis SEO statistics. Step one. Analyze existing search traffic. Cannabis SEO Tio. SEO strategy. Tips for dispensary SEO. A cannabis marketing agency.

1. Analyze existing organic search traffic before starting any SEO strategy.

This is my favorite way to start a new cannabis SEO strategy. I think it’s most important to start by analyzing your cannabis. Website’s current search traffic to identify key user behavior metrics, such as:

How many unique users arrived at your website from an organic search?

Which pages are the most popular/performing?

What keywords are cannabis consumers using to find your content?

You can find this cannabis SEO data by checking your website’s Google Analytics account. If you haven’t implemented the Google Analytics code on your site. You should do so as soon as possible so you can track your site’s data. 

Once you have this information. You can analyze the top ten pages of your website to see what they have in common.

Find the top blog posts that inform people about the benefits of CBD oil. The origins of the cannabis plant. The different types of you sell and see what they have in common.

This could be things like

the quality of the content

the length of the content

the number of images or other media included in each article

the on-page SEO strategy used to optimize these articles.

If this is the case, find other articles, or create new ones, that are not time-sensitive and will not be outdated, and update them in terms of on-page content and back-end metadata.

An added bonus to analyzing your organic search traffic to improve your cannabis SEO strategy is that the data gleaned from this analysis can also help you update your social media content calendar with ideas for topics that are more relevant to your audience.

Google Analytics chart showing cannabis SEO statistics – Step 2. Understand user search intent to improve your cannabis SEO strategy. SEO tips and dispensary SEO strategy by cannabiscontentpro marketing agency.

2. Cannabis SEO requires understanding how users search.

A cannabis SEO professional needs to understand how cannabis users search when actively looking for or CBD products. This is an essential second step before proceeding.

Cannabis SEO, or any other type of search engine optimization, has always included keyword research. There are many free keyword research tools that anyone can use for cannabis SEO. Use these tools – never assume you know the words people are using.

However, SEO has changed drastically over the years and while keyword research is still super important for cannabis SEO and CBD content marketing, but these days, SEO is more so focused on understanding the user’s search intent.

To repeat, keyword research is still vital for any cannabis SEO strategy, but you need more than a list of effective cannabis-related keywords to drive the right type of traffic to your cannabis website.

A truly effective and long-term SEO strategy should be based on a cannabis or CBD user’s search intent and the reasoning behind every search they make.

We can develop your SEO strategy through our cannabis content writing

I understand that SEO can be difficult to understand and even more difficult to implement, especially if you’re not experienced cannabis and CBD SEO professional.

Don’t worry. The good news is that our cannabis marketing team can help you build, implement and manage your marijuana SEO strategy today!

We are a team of search marketing professionals who have been “doing SEO” since 2004. We have been implementing successful cannabis Content strategies since 2017.

If you want to improve your cannabis website’s search engine rankings and need help with the SEO side of things, please contact us now here


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