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Cinnamon has some side effects you must know

Cinnamon is a tasty spice. It is famous all over the world for its extraordinary taste, and it has side effects you must before eat. It is used in salty foods in some countries in the subcontinent, the Middle East, Southwest Asia, Africa, and the Mediterranean

White fungus new infection can become more terrible!

Infections with coronavirus as well as black fungus have left doctors worried. The infection has already been declared an epidemic. The health department has issued a notification and instructed to make people aware of this new infection. This time 'White Fungus' was caught.

Is black fungus contagious? What are the symptoms?

It is a type of fungus Infection is called 'Black Fungus' that appear in the body of the infected people in extremely hot weather. It is called leucorrhoea in medical terms. The outbreak has been reporting in several states, including Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Do you want to donate plasma? Follow these diets

Those who have just recovered from corona infection can save many lives. Many people who are recovering from corona infections are giving plasma to corona patients to follow these diets. Once cured, one can donate plasma.

The basil leaves eating right method, benefits and side effect

The best way to eat basil leaves is with tea. If you make it a habit to eat basil leaves every morning, it will help keep you healthy. Basil leaves essential bits of help to maintain good lung health. Eating 2-3 leaves on an empty stomach in the morning is also good for the stomach.

Eating salt too much every day, calling danger yourself!

Many people sit next to a bowl of salt while eating any food. Eat salt immediately after eating a bit. And it is calling itself a danger. The main ingredient in salt is sodium chloride. That is essential for the life of our daily life.

Do you want to lose weight at home? Follow these tips!

Many people do not face the gym to hold them. But now it is closed due to the corona pandemic. As a result, many people are worried about what needs to food chat to be done to keep them.

Addicted to processed food? It is harmful to health!

Knowing that you should not eat this processed food, I tend to lean more towards this food. The desired food gives us emotional satisfaction, but many times it creates various problems in the body.

Do you have lazy eye disease? How to understand?

Have you heard the term lazy eye? A special eye problem is called lazy eye. These diseases are seen in many people today. Mostly, this eye problem can be a cause for concern, especially in children. This lazy eye is also called amblyopia. This eye problem can be present from birth.

Nutmeg helps you to stay disease-free body!

Nutmeg enhances both the taste and aroma of food. Nutmeg is used in making many delicious items.

Suffering from thyroid problems? Diet chart for you

Thyroid disease is a very common disease in today's world which is due to side effects in the thyroid gland present in the throat. Sudden weight gain or weight loss, swelling in the throat, hair loss, differences in voice, etc. can cause many problems.

The sinus will be subdued without spray if obey this method

Let's break down a misconception first. Sinus is not a disease, the sinus is a cell located in our head, whose job is to keep the ventilation right. The problem that occurs when the ventilation is disrupted is what we call ‘sinus’ in common parlance ‘Sinusitis’ in medical terms.

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