Sunday, November 28, 2021
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In 100 days, no corona has been transmitted in New Zealand

New Zealand has heard the news of hope for the world from corona infection.Although 100 days have...

Apple wants to come to India by stop production in China

Corona originated in Wuhan, China. Many countries around the world are turning away from Chinese technology because of that.

Covi Shield will cost $3 per dose in India

Oxford's Covid-19 vaccine has created a lot of anticipation. It is heard that it has succeeded in the initial stage examination.

Ban Tik Tok in the US if ownership is changed within 45 days

This time, the Donald Trump government has taken a step towards banning Chinese apps TikTok and We Chat in the United States. If the Chinese do not change ownership within 45 days, both apps will be banned in the United States President Donald Trump issued the directive with special financial powers. However, there is no requirement in the guidelines that the United States should pay a portion of the revenue of these two apps even if they change ownership.

US company Novavax will also be made vaccine in India

After the British company, this time the American company also relies on the Serum Institute of India!The...

IPL sponsor withdrawal VIVO cricket board is going call tender

Vivo, a Chinese smartphone company, has withdrawn from the IPL as a sponsor for this year.The board...

India’s tallest railway bridge to be built in J&K

World's tallest railway bridge to be built in Jammu and Kashmir, train to run from 2022

Ordinary saltwater capable of destroying virus particles

What is that particular weakness? Russian scientists claim, just water. No, not a special kind of person, coronavirus overwhelmed in ordinary water! In a recent report in the Russian newspaper Sputnik. Scientists said that about 90 percent of the virus particles were completely destroyed within 24 hours of coming into contact with water kept at room temperature.

WHO said: “The pandemic occurs once every 100 years”

People around the world have been infected since the coronavirus pandemic began in China last December.In this...

India’s role in developing the corona vaccine is important

India will play an important role in providing the corona vaccine to the world.Anthony Fossey, one of...

Russia could bring the world’s first corona vaccine

Millions of people around the world are now in the grip of Corona. The virus has so far claimed the lives of millions of people in the whole world.

Touch nose and mouth can increase the risk of corona?

Coronavirus is being repeatedly banned from touching the nose, nose, and mouth.Doctors and experts say to wash...

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