Cinnamon has some side effects you must know

Cinnamon is a tasty spice. It is famous all over the world for its extraordinary taste, and it has side effects you must before eat.

It is used in salty foods in some countries in the subcontinent, the Middle East, Southwest Asia, Africa, and the Mediterranean.

However, in Europe and America, cinnamon is used more to bring different flavors to different sweet foods. It is famous not only for its unique taste but also for its quality.

This contains some ingredients that are extremely beneficial for the body. It is nutritious and full of plenty of vitamins, which we eat in the right proportions, keeps us healthy.

Its regular consumption eliminates chronic diseases include high blood pressure, cancer, and obesity. However, it contains some compounds that can be harmful to some people.

Cinnamon has some side effects you must know

If you are already struggling with a medical condition, eat only a limited amount of cinnamon.

What are the side effects of cinnamon?

1. Thinning the blood –

Cinnamon helps lower blood sugar. However, if you are taking diabetes medicine, it is better not to take it.

The compounds found in cinnamon may react with diabetes medication that is a danger signal for the patient. Usually, it causes low blood sugar.

2. You can face lung problems-

Comoran found in cinnamon is harmful to the liver. It can make the symptoms of liver-related complications worse.

Especially those who suffer from liver cirrhosis and jaundice should not include large amounts of cinnamon in their diet without the advice of a doctor.

3. Mouth ulcers –

Mouth ulcers are a common health problem. This is the main cause of allergies or digestive problems. You rarely experience this condition, but some people often have a sore mouth.

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Such people should eat cinnamon very carefully. Excessive amounts of eat it can cause allergies.

4. Side effects can harmful to pregnant women –

Cinnamon is harmful to pregnant women. If a pregnant woman eats too much during pregnancy, it can cause uterine contractions.

So, pregnant women should eat only a limited amount of eat as per doctor recommending.

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