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Common instructions you must follow botox aftercare?

Botox injection has some of the joint injections you need to follow. In this post, we have discussed with you everything you need to do after the treatment. Before you get started it is essential to read through this post and find out what requires. Continue reading botox aftercare instructions below.

Standard instructions you must follow botox aftercare.

For many modern people, the first appearance of wrinkles is skin to gray hair – it seems that old age is just around the corner. Meanwhile, wrinkles do not always appear due to age-related changes. Your work is to check whether the whole process is easy to take for treatment.

Botox injections (procedure)

Botox injectes into the problem area: in this case, the drug can quickly deliveres to the right place and in the correct dosage. To carry out the procedure correctly, the doctor requires professionalism and high precision. At the same time, you do not need to rely solely on the high qualifications of a specialist: for your part, you must comply with some prescriptions before and after Botox: first, visit a doctor, and also follow all recommendations received from him after the procedure.

Why do you need a preliminary visit to a specialist

You can get three reasons for making an appointment for an initial appointment 

1. Checking the patient for restrictions

If you have contraindications, it is better to find out in advance and not immediately before the procedure. So, the session cannot carry out in the presence of certain diseases. These include anticoagulants, antibiotics, selenium, antiplatelet agents.  Botox prohibites for pregnant and lactating women, as well as minors. And also, injections not carries out in the presence of inflammation in ​​drug administration.

2. Conducting a consultation

The doctor will advise you and show you a photo before and after Botox injections (if technically feasible). Also, at the talk, you can find out your questions about the procedure and drugs.

3. Inspection and questioning

 As you know, there is no easier way to collect anamnesis than to interview the patient and examine his skin. The collected data will help to determine the most suitable drug, “outline” the injection points, as well as their dosage.

If you do not have any restrictions, the procedure can carries out immediately after the interview and examination.

Botox for the face: how the procedure performs

It reduces the discomfort from the session, and the drugs injects with a skinny and sharp needle. You have to follow some of the important procedures to help you in the whole procedure. At the beginning doctor specialist will cleanse the skin in the area of ​​drug administration and then treat it with an antiseptic. Botox administers in multiple injections to distribute the composition evenly. The volume (expressed in units) of the administered drugs will depend on the zone of administration:

When the session is over, you will receive advice from the specialist for facial treatments after Botox.

Botox injections during menstruation

It believes that during menstruation, Botox injections can be given. However, cosmetologists recommend postponing the procedure for a more favorable day of the cycle. The fact is that during this period, the pain threshold decreases, the woman becomes more and more sensitive—the risk of slight bruising in the skin area of ​​the procedure increases.

However, as we already said, there are no direct contraindications. If you need to look attractive on a particular day, the slight discomfort from Botox injections can tolerate and given during menstruation.

For more than 15 years, beauticians at Beverly clinics have made beauty injections to help patients feel attractive again. We will select a set of suitable procedures and will do our best to transform you as soon as possible. The whole process of injection will take you a few minutes. You can try to take botox tablets in your body and wait for the performance.

Summer Botox injections

Many patients are afraid to inject Botox during the warm season, fearing that the summer heat will destroy the effect of the toxin. Indeed, high temperature weakens the impact of protein drugs. Your work is to check the injection needs for you to consider some of the details.

What should done after the procedure?

After Botox injections, several restrictions are significant for the patient to observe. The result of the entire intervention depends on how well you take care of the skin after injections. 

The key post-Botox restrictions are:

  • Facial massage. Do not massage the treated skin for at least 24 hours after Botox injections. The massage improves the local blood supply, and the effect after Botox may be less pronounced. Also, try to touch the injected areas as little as possible during the day. In no case, rub them with sponges or scrubs.
  • Cosmetics. It recommends to apply cosmetics on the day of the procedure, like cosmetics, and touching the injection site with dirty hands can lead to infection of the areas where the procedure performs. Injection sites can become “gateways.” 
  • Physical activity. Exercise is an essential contraindication after Botox. For several days after the procedure, you should refrain from sports and hard work because blood flowing to the skin of the face can cause bruising.
  • Alcohol in large quantities. Alcohol should abuse for a week after Botox injections. Limit yourself to just a glass of wine or a beer.
  • Blood thinners can also cause swelling and discomfort after the procedure.
  • It is overheating of the skin. For 7-10 days after Botox injections, you cannot go to the sauna, steam bath, sunbathe, take baths and visit the solarium.
  • Antibiotics and analgesics also affect blood clotting. Give up such drugs for at least a day.


The above information is essential to follow for the botox aftercare instructions. You will need to consider some. Therefore, most of the time, you can try to change the infusion in your body and wait for the results. The beauty of injection makes your skin appear smooth.


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