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Continuous work on a computer, How to keep good eyes?

If you sit in front of the computer continuously, your eyelids do not fall. The tears dry up. If you look at the computer continuously, your eyes become accustomed to seeing things nearby.

Then it is difficult to see things in the distance. It causes myopia. This means that the minus power of the eye increases.

When work on the computer there is no calculation of when the 8-hour working time reaches 10 hours. Or in some cases, the time limit becomes even longer.

So he has to look at the computer. And in our leisure time after work, we are mostly busy on mobile. After a while, the eyes blink, sometimes red.

The eye should be kept in such a way that there is no pressure. Books should be kept one and a half feet or 33 cm away from the eyes. And diffuse light must be read. When it falls in low light, it puts pressure on the eyes.

How to keep good eyes?

1. Eyes need rest –

When you are working on the computer, take a break of 20 minutes every 2 hours. At that break, you can look at the wall. You can look out of the window or walk around from the roof and balcony.

This rest is all you need. If not, eye problems and eye and head pain can occur. There may even be a pain in the waist, back, and neck. This problem will not happen again if you take a break.

2. Keep your eyes peeled –

There is pressure on the eyes all day. That is why many people have problems like eye irritation. The corners of the eye are swollen.

Continuous work in front of the computer, it does not keep good eyes

This requires rest and cooling of the eyes. For this, you can give a splash of cold water to the eye. If not, you can cut the cucumber into rounds and lie down.

You can put a piece of cucumber in the fridge for a while before putting it on the eye. If not, soak the cotton in rose water. Put that wet cotton over the eyes. The eye will stay moist for a long time.

3. Do not work on a computer or watching TV in a dark room –

If you work, work on the laptop screen as soon as the room lights up. Or watch TV as soon as the lights are on. Even if you have a habit of watching TV never look in a dark room. This puts a lot of pressure on your eyes.

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4. Dry Eyes Problems –

After working on the computer for a long time, many people have this problem of dry eyes feeling dry inside the eye. To avoid this kind of problem, give a splash of tears in the space between works.

You can also consult a doctor. Doctors recommend taking eye drops. This type of eye drop keeps the eyes well.

Do this eye exercise –

1. Eye Roll –

Sit with your head and spine straight and relax. Slowly move your eyeballs clockwise in a circular motion without moving the head. Do not rush to take a deep breath while doing it.

Repeat this way three times. Then close your eyes, relax the pose. Rotate the anti-clockwise eyeball in the same way again.

2. Focus Shifting –

Extend one hand in front of you and keep the thumb straight. Focus on your thumb for 15 seconds and gently bring it back to your nose. You will no longer be able to see the finger.

Do eye exercise keep good eyes

Take a break and take a few breaths and develop this habit in the same way. Do this at least 10 times. This will train your eyes to focus. Take a deep breath calmly while practicing.

3. Figure eight –

Sit down and focus on any one point 10 feet below the floor. Create an imaginary shape of 8 for 30 seconds with your eyes only.

Do not move your head or body while doing this. Do this eyes exercise 3 times with a break in the middle

4. Palming –

Start and finish eye exercises with palming. Rub your hands and place those warm hands over your eyes. The tip of the finger will be on the forehead. The palm of a warm hand will feel comfortable on the eyes.

Whenever you want to take a break from the computer screen, you can try it. These exercises will help you get rid of the symptoms of digital strain and ensure eye health.

5. 20-20 Rule –

Follow the 20-20rules. Take a break from the laptop every 20 minutes. Look you feet after 20 minutes for 20 seconds. When you are doing this, keep your eyes on a stationary object.


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