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How can Brands Create a Personalized Digital Experience?

In this competitive business world, creating strong and meaningful relationships with your customers has become more important than ever before. More and more marketers are creating great stories, harnessing the power of AI and adding personalization in web design to create an emotional connection with their potential customers.

Creating positive customer experiences has become a proven strategy to grow your brand and achieve success. Today’s customers expect brands a personalized experience from brands they love. A study suggests that more than 80% of customers are more likely to make a purchase decision if a brand offers a personalized experience.

Another survey suggests that 91% of participants said that they are more likely to purchase products if the brand offers personalized product recommendations and relevant content offers. When you focus on your customers, solve their pain points, and deliver a seamless digital experience to your customers, chances are they will become your loyal customers.

If you are wondering how to create a personalized experience for your customers, here are some easy tips and tricks that help you deliver a positive, personalized experience. Let’s explore.

Understand Your Customers Preferences

In order to deliver a personalized digital experience, you need to know your customers. Speak to them, ask questions, identify their pain points, conduct surveys, and look at their search queries to understand their needs and interests. Conducting user research helps you to segment users based on their preferences and interests. By understanding the individual needs of each segment, you can create relevant content and products based on their needs.

Gather Quality Data

Once you know the interests, preferences, and problems of your potential customers, it will make it easier for you to create relevant content. Today’s customers can easily provide their personal information in exchange for a positive, personalized experience. They share their personal data because they want brands to deliver a highly personalized experience.

You can manage customer data by identifying the key points about the customer. Whether it’s customer profile information, survey, purchasing behavior, or any other information, it is important to manage customer data efficiently. Furthermore, collecting transactional and behavioral data is also important to know about your customers. Keep in mind, a personalized and relevant customer experience will only be possible when you know your customers well.

Embrace Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to artificial intelligence, an emerging technology that has made it easier for brands to create a seamless experience in all channels. Implementing artificial intelligence to your web design allows you to make effective, real-time decisions based on the current interaction with your website or mobile app.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms can analyze a huge amount of data and make better and relevant suggestions to their customers. By considering their previous interactions and real-time dynamics, marketers can create a seamless, personalized customer buying experience.  

Personalized Content Marketing Campaigns

According to a survey, 32% of marketers are putting their best efforts into creating personalized content marketing campaigns to deliver a highly personalized experience. Your content marketing team can create educational, informative, and interesting articles by keeping the customers’ needs and preferences in mind. You can use customer data to engage your customers, for instance, you can use their name in the popup to get their attention.

Personalizing content for every stage in the customer journey and delivering the right content at the right time can help marketers to increase their brand image. Keep in mind that customers want value, they want actionable advice or a solid answer to their question. So, provide your customers with value and give them a reason to buy your products or services.

Personalized Website Design

Personalizing your content has now become a proven way to boost your conversion rate and increase sales. You can make significant changes in your web design strategy in order to create a highly personalized experience to your first-time and regular customers.

For example, when a customer visits your website for the very first time, they move here and there in order to search for the desired information. You can personalize your website with a welcome message or popup and guide them to read your brand story, product pages/service pages, or most popular articles. You can also give them an option to sign up to your email list.

Similarly, for returning visitors you can create a web design strategy that includes your special deals and discounts and the latest content based on their previous interactions. A professional web design Dubai team can help you make important changes in your design to create personalized experiences for first-time and returning visitors.   

Leverage Email Personalization

In order to meet the ever-increasing demand of customers, marketers can make the most out of email personalization and gain a unique position in the market. A survey suggests that 74% of marketers believe targeted personalization is an effective technique to boost customer engagement and they observed a 20% increase in sales when creating personalized experiences.

Using sophisticated and personalized email marketing tactics can help you increase the open and click-through rate and create a significant impact on the ROI and revenue. According to several studies, emails with personalized subject lines see 26% higher open rate compared to those that didn’t use. Another study has shown that the revenue is approximately 6X higher in emails that use personalization techniques.

Sending relevant, timely, and personalized emails will definitely help you deliver a personalized user experience that will eventually boost engagement and revenue.

 Concluding Thoughts

Today, it has become essential for businesses to create a personalized customer experience. By collecting customer data and segmenting users based on their preferences, location, and interests, you can provide them with highly relevant content. You can make important tweaks to your website design and leverage artificial intelligence to create personalized experiences for your customers. Hopefully, these strategies will help you come up with a solid personalization strategy that you can use for enriching the customer experience. This strategy helps you increase customer satisfaction, boost revenue and build long term loyalty.


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