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Detailed Facts About Custom Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard material is made up of wood pulp, so it is eco-friendly in nature and can be easily disposable; that is the reason cardboard material is used most commonly in many industries for packaging purposes.  So, if you are engaged in any type of cardboard business, you need to know some facts about it; these facts will assist you in understanding the importance of cardboard materials. The reason for its increase in demand is because it is easily available in the market, and these materials are eco-friendly and disposable. Following are some facts about cardboard. 

Uses of Cardboard Materials

These cardboard materials are commonly used in packaging industries. There are a variety of materials available in the market so that you can use any material according to your needs and demands. Most of the packaging boxes are manufactured through cardboard material, and it is also used as additional protection for your products. In custom packaging, custom cardboard boxes are commonly used because they are eco-friendly and it is easily printed material. 

Some Pros of Cardboard Boxes

The reason behind the usage of these materials is because of some following benefits are discussed below:

  • Eco-friendly: Our world is suffering from environmental damages and destroying our nature., Custom cardboard boxes are used because they are eco-friendly and disposable to control the environmental damages. Unlikely, plastic material exhausts harmful gases while it decomposes. These gases are harmful to the ozone and cause depletion of ozone. So these cardboard materials are best for packaging. 
  • Durability: If you discuss the durability of the packaging, then after the corrugated materials, cardboard materials are perfect for the protection of your products. Other than this, corrugated materials are used for shipping purposes, and for local cardboard boxes are the best.
  • Material Availability: Cardboard boxes are easily available in the market. Other than this, you can also order custom cardboard boxes from online platforms. 
  • Available in Custom Sizes: These cardboard boxes are available in all sizes, not only that you can also manufacture your boxes in any size. In order to satisfy the customers, if you use custom cardboard boxes, you can size them accordingly, and it can protect your products perfectly.
  • Cost-Effective: As you know, cardboard boxes are easily available in the market, so these are less expensive as compared to the other materials. So in the case of customization, cardboard boxes are easy to print, so it doesn’t cost you high in designing and manufacturing.
  • Lightweight: As you know, customers also judge your products through their weight. Modern people like to buy those products which are lighter in weight. If you use weighted boxes for your products, it will not make your customers happy in fact; it will disappoint your customers. So using cardboard boxes are best for the packaging of your products. 

Relationship of Cardboard Boxes with Customization

In the customization, you can design and style your custom cardboard boxes according to your desire and need. Packaging plays a needed role in attracting the customer’s traffic. There is a full exemption so that you can design it on your own. For the packaging of your products, you need to print them creatively to attract customers. Your design on the packaging boxes is a way to get the attention of the customers. If you design it ideally, you have an opportunity to increase your sales. Customization can give a new and charming look to your boxes.

How Custom Cardboard Boxes Help You in Business?

As you have observed, in any industry there is big competition between them. At some time, you will understand that the quality and quantity of the products matter. In this way, your quality packaging helps the customers to trust your brand. Your quality packaging may satisfy the customers because your packaging reflects the worth of your company. Customization is the best way to attract customers. If you attract customers to your products, you can get a hike in your sales. Instead of these, printing the logo and the company’s name also gives you the opportunity to help the customers to recognize your brand. 

Different Types of Custom Cardboard Boxes

The cardboard boxes are commonly used and available in versatile options, so in this way, there are many types of custom cardboard boxes that are used according to the customer’s requirements and needs. Following are some types of cardboard boxes that are discussed. 

  • Single Wall Board: The single wall board is the lightweight material used for the manufacturing of the boxes. There is a single flute of cardboard material used in these boxes, but still, these boxes can protect your products for a long time. The surface of these materials is suitable for the printing process. 
  • Double Wall Board: In the double wall board, there are two layers of cardboard boxes placed to give more strength to the boxes so it can protect your products more than the single wall board. These double wall boxes are used for sensitive products like glass products or others. 
  • Triple Wall Board: Now, you may probably understand the triple wall board. There are three layers use in manufacturing, so you can easily understand its strength. These boxes are commonly use for electronic appliances because of their strength and protective material. 

All the types that are discuss are perfect for printing because these are manufacture with finishing, so you can also use these as custom cardboard boxes for packaging. There are also other types of cardboard boxes like four and five-layer and are rarely use. The other layers are use to give more strength to the boxes. 


Now you have the proper guidance about the custom cardboard boxes, and you can use these materials for many purposes, but these boxes are commonly use for packaging purposes. In this way, customization will help you in printing designs on the boxes. This is a great way to attract customers through your custom printed cardboard boxes.


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