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Dial of the Old Ones Puzzle Solution

Dial of the Old Ones Puzzle Solution: from to my Vampire Coast army to my army of Tomb Kings, nothing on Total War: Warhammer 2 could stop me from my ferocious assault. I would slash my way through tundra and plains, and no opponent could stop me. It was only when I came across an arduous puzzle that required more than a sword to defeat.

This puzzle was called it was the Dial of the Old Ones A tangled cryptographic found in the southeast region of Hysh. If you’re looking to learn the secrets of its past take a look as we present three methods for solving this puzzle. Dial of the Old Ones.

Purpose of the Dial

The Dial of the Old Ones will open the crypts of the Hysh area. Menhirs that are large and broken are set to surround the tombs and make it easy to find. It is possible to find two possible solutions among which the first one is my personal favourite.

The puzzle consists of three circles that are concentric. Each outside circle has a variety of hieroglyphs. Combinations of glyphs can be found on the bottom of the screen , for you to choose from after you’ve completed the puzzle. They will unlock the door.

Its center circle is the least populous out of three with yellow, blue, and red lines that zig-zag. In addition, the outer circle contains two colored lines as well as an image that is reminiscent of the mask of an Mexican wrestler. To gain access to the crypt aligning these pieces will reveal three symbols, which can be used as the key.

We’ve selected three strategies you could use to solve the mystery. For each, the key is to place with the demon’s head in a way that it stands upright like it is facing your direction. From there, the other sections should align themselves.

Pen and Paper Solution

This is the method I prefer to use. It’s the fastest and requires minimal effort. However, it cancel order require a bit of thinking to come up with a solution.

You’ll require an extremely thin piece of paper, and three pencils or pens with different colors. Each of them must match the color that are used in the line (red blue, yellow). Additionally, you’ll require a simple pencil or pen.

  1. Place your paper on your screen. You should be capable of seeing the image if the sheet is thick enough. If not, you’ll be required you move your paper in a circular motion to draw it.

    Draw an outline for the inside circles. Make sure you draw its mouth and eyes. Use colored pens to make notch marks on the outer edges of your lines.
  2. Then, rotate the sheet. Keep it going until your face is in an upright position. The eyes should be on the top and the mouth is at the lower.
  3. Examine the colored notches on the inside of the circle. Visualize moving the middle circle until three lines that are the same color coincide with the ones you have on your paper’s horizontal face. Visualize yourself following the lines you have to draw the proper runes.

Photo Editor Solution

The process of editing photos

If you’re still confused do not be concerned. There are plenty of people on the internet who prefer to utilize an image editor for this kind of task. If you don’t own an editor, you can purchase an entirely new sheet of paper and proceed through step 7.

  1. Take a picture of the puzzle on your personal computer. It is then necessary to upload the image into your editing software.
  2. In your editor, cut out the circle that is in the middle. You then need to rotate it so that the face is in a standing posture with eyes on the top and the mouth on the lower.
  3. After you’ve lined this up, you’ll need to utilize an editor program to turn the following circle (colored circles with lines only) in a way that it is aligned with the lines in inside the outer circle. The outer circle should remain in place and the realignment will allow you to follow three lines and draw three symbols.

    It is this code you will need to enter the code. While your face and lines could change in position or style during the gameplay, the idea is the same.

Cutting Out Solution

Completed Dial

If you’re still struggling or do not have editing software, then it’s time to upgrade to an old school as the old school used to do. To do this, you’ll need everything you need from solution one and the scissors.

  1. trace the entire puzzle Begin with circular circles. You must ensure that you have your face drawn in with the eyes and mouths aligned, as well as all the colored lines and glyphs. Be as precise as you can.
  2. Fold the piece of paper into half to make it simpler to slice. Cut out the middle and middle circles in such a way that you’re left with an open area that is enclosed by the glyphs’ circle. Place the sheet of paper flat on a surface or table.
  3. The inner circle should be placed in the reverse to ensure that it faces your face. Also, the eyes should be on the top and the mouth in the middle. You must have an opening between the paper and the paper, which is where the middle circle is placed.

The middle circle should be placed in the gap, and then rotate it. At a certain point three lines of color will coincide with three lines in the outer circle. You can follow them to uncover the glyphs which will unlock the doorway to the crypt.

Ruling Out Glyphs

If you’re struggling to figure out what the solution is and you are not sure what to do, Reddit users Star Commandante provided a helpful tip to give you a hint to. By looking at the glyphs on the outermost circle with those in the key located at lower it is possible to remove those that aren’t being used.

Cracking the Code

Warhammer: Dial of the Old Ones isn’t the most difficult game puzzle to solve however it can be visually challenging. We recommend solution one, however, it isn’t without contemplation. Utilize solution three or two depending on what you prefer. Don’t worry! to browse through all of our cheats, hints and hacks that come from gaming.


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