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Dibrugarh University Distance Education – DDE

Dibrugarh University Distance Education: It is a mode of education that allows students to study from a distance. It is a convenient and flexible way to earn a degree. Students can study at their own pace and schedule. Distance education is an excellent option for working adults and busy professionals. Dibrugarh University offers quality distance education programs that are affordable and accredited.

Dibrugarh University Distance Education – DDE

It has been providing quality education to students from all over the world for many years. The university offers a variety of courses that cater to the needs of different students. The distance education mode of study is very beneficial for working professionals who cannot attend regular classes.

Dibrugarh University Distance Education – DDE provides an excellent learning experience to its students. The faculty is very experienced and knowledgeable. They provide proper guidance to the students and help them in every step of their studies. The distance education mode of study is very flexible and convenient for the students.

Dibrugarh University Distance Education – DDE is accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA). The university provides all the necessary facilities to its students. It has a well-equipped library, modern classrooms, and laboratories.

What is DDE?

In computing, DDE is an inter-process communication protocol. It allows one application to request data from another application. DDE is a client/server protocol. The server provides the data and the client requests it.

DDE is used in a number of Microsoft products, including Microsoft Windows, Excel, and Word. In Windows, DDE is used to request data from applications that are running in the background. For example, when you open a file in Word, DDE is used to request information about the file from the operating system.

DDE is not a secure protocol. It can be exploited by malicious software to gain access to your computer. You should only use applications that support DDE if you trust them completely.

Dibrugarh University Distance Education Courses Offered

Dibrugarh University Distance Education Courses Offered:

1. Dibrugarh University offers a variety of distance education courses that cater to the needs of working professionals.

2. The courses offered include management, computer science, human resource management and more.

3. Dibrugarh University is one of the few universities in India that offer quality distance education programmes.

Why choose DDE?

When it comes to choosing a school, there are many factors to consider. But why choose DDE? Here are a few reasons:

First, DDE offers a personal approach to education. Each student is treated as an individual, and the curriculum is tailored to fit their needs and interests.

Second, DDE is committed to academic excellence. The faculty is passionate about teaching and continually strives to improve the quality of education.

Finally, DDE provides a supportive community. Students feel welcomed and supported by their peers and teachers. They know that they can succeed here, no matter their background or circumstances.

What are the benefits of DDE?

Dynamic Data Exchange, is a protocol that allows applications to share data. DDE is a very efficient way to share data between applications because it eliminates the need for each application to constantly poll the other applications for new data.

It is also a very flexible protocol. It can be used to share data in real-time or on a schedule. Additionally, DDE can be used to share data between applications on the same computer or across a network.

Finally, DDE is very reliable. If one application fails, the other applications using DDE will not be affected.

How to get started with DDE?

DDE is a technique for linking two or more running programs. It allows data to be exchanged between the programs, usually in the form of text.

DDE is a very powerful tool, but it can be difficult to get started with. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Read the documentation: The first step is always to read the documentation. This will give you an overview of how DDE works and what you need to do to set it up.

2. Install the software: Once you’ve read the documentation, you’ll need to install the software that supports DDE. This is usually available from the website of the company that makes the software.

3. Configure your programs: Once you have installed the software, you’ll need to configure your programs to use DDE.


In conclusion, Dibrugarh University Distance Education – DDE is a great way to get an education without having to attend a traditional brick-and-mortar school. The convenience and flexibility of distance learning make it an attractive option for many students. With a wide variety of courses offered, there is sure to be something for everyone.


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