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A distance of 6 feet is not enough to prevent corona infection

It is mandatory to keep a distance of 6 feet to prevent corona infection.

From the beginning of the epidemic, this rule was followed by the common people from the experts. But this time the question arose about it.

It was known for so long that the harmful coronavirus can spread up to six feet through sneezing, coughing, and inhaling droplets.

In a recent study, scientists claimed that the novel coronavirus can spread up to 20 feet in different climates, depending on the cold and heat.

This information came from a study by the University of California.

As a result, scientists believe that the current distance of 8 feet between two people in terms of social distance rules will not be of any use in this case.

Based on previous research, they said, about 40,000 respiratory droplets come out even during sneezing or coughing.

In the early stages, the speed of this droplet can increase from a few meters per second to a few hundred meters per second.

The report of this study has been published as a pre-print on medrXiv.

Scientists have taken the help of a comprehensive mathematical model.

social- distance - 8- metter

Through this, evaporation, heat transfer, and motion of respiratory droplets have been observed in different temperatures, humidity, and ventilation conditions.

This shows that the transmission pathway through the respiratory droplet of the Covid-19 virus is divided into short-range droplet contact and long-range aerosol exposure.

The research paper states, ‘Large droplets cannot go very far for the force of gravity and remain in the surface of the air.

Small droplets, on the other hand, quickly evaporate into an aerosol and can keep the virus afloat for up to several hours.

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The data suggest that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s 8-foot social distance may not be safe in some climates.

In cold and humid weather, the novel coronavirus can spread up to 19.7 feet with the help of droplets.

On the other hand, Duke-NSS Medical School in Singapore has confirmed that betadine antiseptic is effective in preventing COVID-19 infections.

A research report was first published in the journal Infectious Diseases and Therapy.

Again, two newly published research papers in the science journal ‘Cell’ and ‘Nature Communication’.

 In both cases, scientists claim that the corona antidote provides the necessary protection against SARS-Cove-2.

One step further, a team of researchers has shown that the most common method is an intramuscular injection.

which is more effective than intramuscular injection. Don’t tilt too much.

Most importantly, after this vaccine is given, it is possible to get rid of the virus as soon as it enters the nostrils or respiratory tract.


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