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Do blue light glasses really help relieve eye strain?

Computers have become a very essential part of our lives, without them we feel like handicaps whose hands are not there to help and we become less productive. Computer use is as important part of our lives as any organ in our bodies.

We spend most of the time in front of the screen, whether in the matter of official work, studies or to get ourselves entertained, the reason could be anything.

But everything comes with its pros and cons, with benefits also come a few conditions which we can’t ignore.

While using a computer, we experience how our eyes start to dry or vice versa, the strain which we feel and we lost our sleep while using computers that causes to disturb our sleep cycle and that leads to some major health issues not only related to eye but also the function of our body starts to deteriorate, we become so lazy, feel lethargic most of the time.

All because of blue light which is emitted from the computer, it can harm your eyes that leads to completing the circle which I mentioned above. That is the reason that all optometrists suggest glasses to wear when we are in front of the screen.

Blue light Glasses

These special glasses which have been crafted lens that can protect your beautiful eyes from glare and can prevent your retina from damaging because of prolonged use of the computer that emits blue light can be very harmful in the long run. These glasses help you to improve your sleep, prevent eye strain and also eye diseases.

Blue light blocking glasses are really essential for a computer user because blue light also messes with the circadian rhythm that means the internal clock gets disturbed that tells you when to sleep and when to awake.

Usually, people have so many queries regarding blue light glasses and they don’t know where to get all our answers in one place so that we don’t get confused. We try to cover almost everything. 

Do blue light glasses help with sleep? 

Good sleep is one of the most important factors for good health. 

However, people have sleep issues in this digitised era. As we all know, how our sleep cycle affects our health can lead to many diseases. Some diseases are interlinked with heart issues, diabetes and depression. 

Many researchers state that blue light causes disturbance in the sleep cycle. Your body has an internal clock that commands your circadian rhythm- that regulates a bunch of internal functions. 

The most important thing it does is to determine when your body needs to sleep and when it needs to awake. But your circadian rhythm needs some kind of external signal to work upon its cycle. 

You would have felt that you are active and alert in the daytime and your performance and mood also intact because getting blue light keeps you awake but imagine the same thing happens with you at night, that also these digital gadgets emit more harmful blue light compared to natural resources like the sun. 

Blue light stimulates sensors in your eyes to send signals to your brain’s internal clock so you are getting blue light most of the time especially at night, you don’t realise this soon but eventually, you will see the change in your body that how poor sleep affect your body and harmful rays can deteriorate the health of your sensitive eyes. 

Are these glasses only yellow-tinted?

No, they’re available in more colours, it used to be in yellow but now in this post-advanced era, we have lots of options in them, a common one or amber or any other colour, everyone has a powerful effect.


Typically blue light blocking glasses cost up to £70, but there are few companies that provide these glasses at a reasonable price having the best quality like Specscart.

You don’t have to think about your budget, they only cost you £15 for non-prescribed blue light glasses and for the prescribed version, you have to pay only £25.

Effect On Headache

As we all know 90% of people all over the world spend most of their time in front of the screen, either because of work or entertainment, somewhere or the other. The blue light that emits from the computer is really harmful and causes eye strain that leads to headache most of the time. Researchers state that in this pandemic, people in crores bought glasses that block light, and they felt that the headaches which they had been suffering from while surfing, felt so much relief.

How to test blue light glasses

Unfortunately many companies take benefits of customers’s trust, they provide them glasses which are not worthy enough to protect them from harmful ray of blue light, precaution is better than cure so whenever you plan to buy blue light blocking glasses, ask the concern company to provide a spectrum report, this report tells you to how much effective your blue light glasses.

Specscart makes it so easy for their customers to test blue light glasses from home itself. All they have to do is to order and they send you glasses that also have 4 different frames with blue light pen, so not only you can test the glasses but also select your preference among four.

Just switch on the pen, point the laser on the anti-blue light lens and you will notice that it blocks the light from passing through. To compare, you can point the same light towards the clear lens provided and you will notice that it allows the light to pass through. 

There are other things which you must do even if you wear blue light glasses, that surely help you to keep your eyes healthy and strainfree.

Exercises- even if you use Blue light glasses

Rub your hands vigorously and then put your warm hands on your closed eyes, it relaxes your eyes muscles. Close your eyes after every half an hour for 2-3 minutes to maintain the moisture of your eyeballs. Also with these exercises, follow the rule of 20-20-20, which means after every 20 minutes look 20 feet away for 20 seconds. These actions help you to be more relaxed and focused and also feel energised which would have drained because of blue light.

While using a computer we forget how there is some set decorum which we need to follow so that its negative impacts do not affect us. So these are the few rules which we should follow so that our sensitive eyes do not get more affected.

Glasses that block light you should wear but simultaneously follow these rules:

  • One arm distance should be between you and the screen.
  • The screen should be in the line of your natural sight.
  • Don’t slouch, posture should be intact because the wrong posture drops down your energy from 1 to 10.
  • Don’t bend your head, just lower your eyes, bending your head causes a headache.
  • Brightness should not be too bright or too dim, settle on middle ground, enough to read without squinting.

You should use an option of night morde or dark mode whatever you prefer.

This setting helps you to reduce brightness and simultaneously your eye strain also.

So by wearing blue light blocking glasses by following these rules, you can save your eyes.

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