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Do Dragonflies Bite or sting

Do Dragonflies Bite: They are vibrant insects that are visible in the spring and summer. They are easily recognized by their sparkling wings and their erratic flight patterns.

However what is your knowledge of the prehistoric winged creatures? If you’re seeing them in your house, you may think they’re dangers to your family. (Spoiler alert: They’re not!)

Read on to learn more about dragonflies, such as their habitat, the ways they help the environment, and whether or not you have to be concerned about stings or bites.

Are dragonflies really dragonflies?

Dragonflies are distinctive insects due to their long bodies, large eyes and clear wings.

Although you may only encounter a specific kind of dragonfly in your backyard There are over 5 000 species across the globe. They can be seen everywhere and are usually found near shallow freshwater sources, like lakes, ponds, streams and wetlands.

They have a limited life duration

Dragonflies live a limited duration, with the majority of them being around for just 1 to 2 weeks, though some live for up to 8 weeks. Due to their limited time frame, they tend to spend their time in mating or eating.

Mating starts when a male dragonfly swoops down on female dragonflies and attaches his body to her thorax using his legs. The result is the formation of a tandem fly at which point their sexual organs are joined and their body is a closed circle to fertilize.

They nestle eggs in water source

After fertilization female dragonflies lay eggs in water treatment sources. The egg hatches in a matter of weeks or days and the dragonfly starts its larval phase, which could last for an average of, 1 to 2 years depending on the temperature of the water.

The aquatic baby dragonflies are large-eyed, have an oval stomach, six legs and gills to breathe.

They eat their prey when they fly

As time passes, the infant dragonfly breathes air and then its legs, head, as well as wings, emerge out of its larval skin. When the dragonfly is mature, it soon learns to find its prey and eat in flight.

Dragonflies eat mosquitoes small insects, butterflies, flies and many other dragonflies.

Some move, such as birds.

Like birds, certain dragonflies have a similar behavior to birds. Within North America, migration typically happens in the summer months and into early autumn, when certain species move across Canada and move to Mexico.

Based on the Migratory Dragonfly Partnership according to the Migratory Dragonfly Partnership, there are 326 dragonflies species living in North America, yet only 16 species regularly migrate. The dragonflies’ swarms are so massive that they’ve been spotted from the air.

Are dragonflies bite-like or bite?

If you are able to spot a large number of dragonflies in the area you live You might wonder if they insect wings bite. The answer is simple: yes.

Be aware, however that dragonflies do not have an irritant, which means they’re not likely to sting you. However, they do have teeth. This means that a bite could be possible.

Dragonflies aren’t aggressive insects However, they are able to bite self-defense in the event that they are feeling threatened. The bite isn’t harmful and, in the majority of cases it won’t cause any damage to human skin.

Do dragonflies have any environmental advantages?

It is interesting to note that dragonflies are vital for the natural environment. They primarily consume mosquitoes as well as other insects, and so can be very effective in controlling mosquito populations in the homes.

Dragonflies are known to eat hundreds of mosquitoes per day. If you see an increase in dragonflies around your house, you could also observe a reduction in mosquitoes, horseflies and other insects that are a nuisance.

Dragonflies play a significant role in reducing the populations of mosquitoes. They can reduce the chance of contracting infectious diseases transmitted by mosquitoes like malaria, West Nile virus along with the dog heartworms.

Additional interesting facts concerning dragonflies

Here’s a glimpse at a number of interesting other facts about dragonflies.

1. Dragonflies from the past were bigger

The majority of dragonflies that we see today are tiny and span approximately 2-5 inches. Researchers believe that the dragonflies of the past were much larger. Certain of these insects had wingspans of over 2 feet.

2. The age of the egg until adulthood varies

The time from egg to larva to adult doesn’t have a fixed time however, it varies based of the temp. Dragonflies that hatch in colder waters are more likely to be slower to grow into adults, taking up about 5 to 6 years. But, dragonflies hatching in warmer waters could mature in around two years.

3. They’re powerful flyers.

In the world of insects, dragonflies are among the strongest flyers. They have capability to fly higher and higher than other winged insects. They are able to fly at speeds as high as 35 miles an hour.

4. They have stunning eyesight

A dragonfly’s eye dragonfly is made up of around 30,000 lenses. the human eye has only one lens. Therefore, the dragonfly’s eyes are able to see around it.

5. They’ve got a lot of enemies

Although the dragonfly can devour mosquitoes, horseflies and other insects, it also has enemies of its own. Adult dragonflies may be consumed by larger dragonflies, birds, spiders and Frogs. In the larval stage the predators include frogs toads, as well as fish.

The main takeaway

Dragonflies aren’t just agile flyers. They’re fascinating creatures comprising more than 5,000 species across the globe, and have the possibility of a life span that could last up to five years.

They also work well as natural insect control. So, next time you notice an insect flying about your property Don’t just swatt it away . It’s actually helping you.


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