Do you have lazy eye disease? How to understand?

Have you heard the term lazy eye? A special eye problem is called lazy eye. These diseases are seen in many people today.

Mostly, this eye problem can be a cause for concern, especially in children. This lazy eye is also called amblyopia. This eye problem can be present from birth.

What is a lazy eye disease?

1) If the eyelids are heavy, the vision of the eyes is often not clear. This can lead to a lazy eye disease.

2) One of the main causes of lazy eye problems is muscle imbalance. If there is no proper control in the eye muscles, vision problems can occur.

Do you have lazy eye disease?

3) Many times the vision of one eye is more than the other eye. In that case, the eye that has more vision becomes more inactive.

Because when one eye sees blurred and the other eye sees clearly, our brain will ignore the blurred eye more and focus more on the active eye. If action is not taken in time, the problem may increase.

4) If there is such a problem, two eyes cannot focus on one thing at a time. Two eyes see two different things.

Symptoms of these diseases –

1) If you blink very often and close one eye when you are out of the disease, then he may have a lazy eye. Maybe one of your child’s eyesight is better than the other.

2) If you have lazy eyes, you will have trouble reading the book. If you read a book word over and over or omits a word or mispronounces a known word.

You may have lazy eyes. Weak eyes require more effort to read, so reading can be a problem.

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3) Do you turn your head repeatedly while watching TV? This may be due to a lazy eye. You have to turn your head repeatedly to focus on the object with the active eye.

4) If you fall repeatedly or push something repeatedly, he may have lazy eyes. Because one eye is weak, it does not always understand where things are.

This is because the coordination of eyes and hands is not right this kind of people don’t like to go out from home.


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