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Drinking water after eating fruit danger for your health!

Do not drink water after eating fruit. We have grown up hearing this from mothers since childhood. After eating any fruits you should not be drinking water it danger for your health.

You should not be drinking water after eating these fruits like watermelon, fruit, lemon, cucumber, orange, cucumber, pineapple, lemon, or strawberry.

How long after eating fruit should you drink water?

The fruit contains a lot of hydrating energy which is enough to quench your thirst. However, if you still feel thirsty after eating the fruit, drink water after at least 30 minutes.

Drinking water after eating fruit

Most physicians and dietitians recommend a 40-50 minute interval between fruit and water. If you feel thirstier you can take one or two sips 30 minutes after eating the fruit. However, after a break, you can drink a full glass.

What happened if drinking water after eating fruit?

1. PH level decreases –

The body needs a certain pH level for digestion. If water is consumed again with foods that contain water, the pH level decreases.

As a result, it interferes with digestion. Due to the presence of fiber and water, it is forbidden to eat papaya fruit on an empty stomach. This is because it can lower the pH level.

According to nutritionists, eating all these fruits on an empty stomach starts digestion in the esophagus before it reaches the digestive system.

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After that, drinking water reduces the pH level of the body and disturbs digestion. As the food is not digested, it turns into toxins instead of providing nutrients to the body.

2. May cause diarrhea –

Cucumber or watermelon helps digestion if eaten according to the right rules. As a result, if there is a problem of constipation, all these fruits help in defecation.

If water is consumed with all these fruits, then the process becomes very active and diarrhea can occur.

3. Problems such as bloating may occur –

When you drink water after eating most of the fruit, it enters the stomach and starts producing carbon dioxide, which can cause gas and bloating. So, drinking water after eating fruit can cause stomach gas problems.

You should avoid drinking water for 30 minutes, especially after eating oranges, watermelons, papayas, musk, pineapples, strawberries, mangoes, and cucumbers.


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