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Eat a banana daily! Know the benefits

Many people eat bananas for breakfast. But brushing bananas? Many people can surprise when they hear.

However, experts say to eat bananas in the morning. Thinking there will be acidity?

Before that eat a handful of muri get up in the morning and drink a glass of warm water.

Just 30 minutes after eating this hot water, eat a handful of muri. After 15 minutes of freehand exercise, eat a banana and two almonds.

The body will be healthy. There will be no fear of gas heartburn. Bananas contain potassium, fiber, and magnesium which are beneficial for the body.

It increases energy and keeps away hunger. Banana can be eaten every day.

To stay healthy eat a banana daily and know the benefits

But it is not right to eat bananas on an empty stomach. And so eat two biscuits or a handful of turnips and eat bananas.

Your weight loss will be followed by exhaustion and constant work without tiredness.

What is the benefit of eating bananas?

1. Help you control weight –

Many people think that eating bananas increases weight. And so many people eliminate bananas from their diet to control their weight.

The most nutritious fruit in the climate we live in is the banana. Bananas keep everything from heart problems to heart problems. Ripe turmeric also contains a lot of antioxidants.

2. Eat a banana daily in breakfast –

Many people eat bananas for breakfast with eggs, toast, or cornflakes. It also provides nutrients such as filling the stomach.

Those who exercise regularly must get up in the morning and eat bananas for breakfast.

Experts say to eat bananas even if you have digestive problems.

However, bananas should always be eaten with healthy fats. Eat bananas with peanut butter, yogurt, or parmesan.

3. Banana to meet the body’s water needs –

If you eat too much oily spicy food the night before or drink a little too much alcohol, it will affect the next day.

Bananas are rich in potassium which helps to avoid this problem. And smoothies made with banana and honey reduces nerve tension.

That is why eating smoothies are recommended to stay healthy.

4. If you have problems with constipation it will be solved –

If the stomach is not clean, more problems can be seen in the body.

That’s why you have to take care of your stomach so that you get up in the morning.

Those who have problems like ulcers, those who suffer from constipation should eat a banana every day according to the rules.

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However, if you eat a banana on an empty stomach in the morning, your energy will go out after a few hours.

This will make you lazy feeling tired and sleepy after a few hours. So it is better not to eat a banana on an empty stomach.

Eat bananas on empty stomach?

No, never eat bananas on empty stomach. Before eating a banana, you must eat a handful of dried muri or two cream cracker biscuits.

Bananas contain 25 percent natural sugar. And that is why eating a banana on an empty stomach causes acidity. There is often a gap between breakfast and lunch.

Banana fills that gap because the fibers in the banana, magnesium meet the body’s need for food, and you feel tied the entire day.


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