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Evelyn Sharma: We can’t wait to become parents


Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani actor Evelyn Sharma is all set to welcome her first child with husband Tushaan Bhindi. In a recent interview, Evelyn confirmed that it’s a baby girl, and the parents-to-be are over the moon.

“We are very excited and can’t wait to hold our little one in our arms very soon! It’s a girl and we are thrilled,” she told Bombay Times, adding that the couple is making changes at home for the new family member. The actor shared, “We’ve set up a cute and cosy nursery for our little princess, but I know that the first couple of months she will be sleeping in a cot next to us. We’re very grateful for the beautiful gifts we are receiving from our family and friends and are looking forward to all of them meeting baby Bhindi soon.”

Talking about her maternity experience, Evelyn shared that she is taking it slow and doing ‘slow yoga and pilates at least once a week’. Adding that she enjoys spending time with her plants, the Saaho actor said, “Now that I’m coming towards the end of my pregnancy, I have to take things slower on the gardening and work front. It’s time to put my feet up and enjoy a good TV show. Becoming mom and dad is a great and wonderful change we’ve been waiting for. We can’t wait to become parents!”



Evelyn Sharma got married to boyfriend Dr Tushaan Bhindi in Australia on May 15 this year.

The actor recently turned a podcast host with The Indian Express’ latest podcast – Love Matters with Evelyn Sharma. The podcast discusses relationships, sex, and everything else that impacts people’s lives. The podcast is a co-produced by Indian Express and DW (Deutsche Welle).

Talking about the challenges of taking on such a sensitive show, she said, “The challenges were to break down the walls and have a raw conversation.” On the podcast, she even opened up about her relationship with Tushaan Bhindi. “My husband is, technically, Gujarati. He’s from Sydney, Australia. I’m Punjabi German but I feel more Indian than him as I lived in India for 10 years. I’ve travelled so much that I’ve seen so many cultures. We have these mixed cultures in our marriage, and so we’re establishing our own rules.”


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