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Face acidity problem? How to stay healthy?

Nowadays, people are suffering from various diseases and acidity problems. The biggest cause of these problems is an unhealthy lifestyle.

Someone’s throat-chest irritation, someone’s belching, someone’s stomach is bloated again, gas problem. Almost everyone relies on antacids to get relief quickly.

Some people do not care about any other side effects that can occur in the body if they take the medicine continuously.

However, the problem of heartburn and the handful of medicines to solve the problem is not a good habit at all. Problems of gas, indigestion, gastroesophageal reflux disease are increasing.

Many people do not take perfect care of their body health due to some laziness due to busyness or after working all day.

Irregularities in eating at work, fast food on the street, or cheap street food in the office are forced to rely on.

As a result, gastritis or heartburn becomes a daily companion. Many times, if this problem is serious, you have to take it back from food.

In fact, there is a reason behind it valves in our stomachs and food pipes. These valves prevent food from going back into the food pipe after it has been acidified. But when it becomes weak, this valve loses the ability to do it.

What are the symptoms of acidity problem?

1. Sourness is felt in the face.

2. People who have this problem start to change their teeth.

Face acidity problem

3. Cough for a long time. These are also symptoms of this problem.

4. Burning sensation in the chest and frequent bitterness in the mouth is also one of the symptoms of this problem.

Who can face this problem?

1. This valve between the food pipe and the stomach begins to weaken due to life.

2. This problem also starts due to excess weight.

3. If a person consumes excessive amounts of alcohol or smoking. They may also have this problem.

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4. This problem also occurs in people whose necks are short.

5. These symptoms are found in people who eat spicy foods.

6. This problem is more common in people who spend most of their time sitting.

How to get rid form this acidity problem –

1. If you have gas indigestion and sour stomach problems, you can take some remedies to avoid it.

2. If this problem persists for a long time, but consult a doctor. You can also address these issues in the following ways:

3. If you have problems, make changes in your lifestyle.

4. Exercise every day and stop eating more spicy foods.

5. Being overweight can also cause these problems.

6. To get rid of gas and indigestion problems, you have to eat food frequently. If you eat three times a day, start eating 6 times.

7. Do not drink water until shortly before going to bed at night

8. In addition, do not drink anything for 30 or 60 minutes after eating.

9. Have a good breakfast in the morning, eat a little at lunch and eat less than dinner.

10. Keep your neck slightly elevated while sleeping to get rid of gas and sour stomach problems.

11. People who consume alcohol and smoke need to give up these bad habits to avoid this acidity problem.


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