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Few Tips for Tenants to Maintain Peace with the House Owner

Living as a tenant is a prudent move when it comes to ethics and norms. You have to be mindful of all the things that can offend a landlord-tenant contract. If you are looking for a house for rent in Karachi or anywhere in the World, you need to know some general rules to avoid contract violations. With the help of JagahOnline, you can find a suitable property to buy. Living on someone else’s property is not a facile thing; you have to be cautious.

If you are a long-term tenant, You need to know some important guidelines before moving into a rented house anywhere in the World. In addition, five uninformed practices are mandatory to know before you attempt them.

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If you live in a rented house or apartment, you must inform the owner before inviting someone to stay. It will create a sense of integrity and help you avoid any contract breach situation. If the owner has mentioned in the contract about not inviting anyone, you better avoid it at all. 

It also affects your neighbors’ lifestyle, when you arrange a party or a get-together. Imagine you have a boisterous party that leads to your dispute with your neighbors, which can bring harsh consequences.

Keep pets away

Not everyone adores pets, and you need to know this fact. Before moving in with your pet, you need to let your landlord/landlady know about it. Never hold them uninformed in your house because it will lead to severe consequences.

Repair without informing

If anything needs renovation, don’t just rush to do that. Instead, inform the owner to proceed further. Your contract might have the resolution of this issue, and you better look for it. 


This one is the most critical practice that can breach your contract if you sublet. The contract is between two persons, usually for a renting purpose; adding someone else could not just breach your agreement but could lead to severe consequences if a subletter is involved in criminal activities.  

Changing Paints 

Please do not start changing the look as soon as you start living. First thing, it is not your house; secondly, the landlord might get offended since a majority of the owners do not like the paint to be changed for several reasons. 

Changing Locks

Many people agree with this one as the tenants have privacy and security concerns. Still, in some cases, landlords need to have access to the house for any repair work in the incase the tenants are not available at home. Therefore, you may ask your landlord before changing locks to ensure there will be no dispute in the future.

Watch out for your kids.

Kids wait for the rain so they can play with their hearts out. Make sure they can’t get close to any electric appliance or board. Not just that, keep an eye on them so you can instantly respond to an unlikely situation.


  • Make sure you pay your rent without any delay or let your landlord know the reason for the delayed rent.
  • Once you move in, read the agreement thoroughly and clarify each clause with your landlord/landlady.
  • Keep the property clean and maintained.
  • Always request before any repair work or maintenance.
  • Inform your landlord/landlady a month or few weeks before moving out.
  • Clean the property and do not leave any equipment in damaged form.


All you need to do is be responsible and courteous, and the same goes with the house owner. It is a two-way process for a sustainable relationship between a tenant and a landlord/landlady. You might have acknowledged the above practices to avoid any future disputes. We hope we conveyed mandatory information that could help those who are looking for a house for rent in Karachi; JagahOnline can help you with your property related matters. 


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