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The Secrets to Getting Perfect Wax Paper Bags

Paper bags are quite popular among manufacturers and customers as well. What makes them so great is that they can be used for any product you can think of. You can use these bags for carrying clothes, groceries, and gifts as well. In addition to this, they are also relatively easy to carry. Thus, their versatility and efficiency make them a common choice for many people. Furthermore, these bags are durable as well. Therefore, they can carry various items without breaking them down. However, it is vital to make your Paper Bags look unique and alluring.

Hence, if you are looking for ways to do this too, then search no more. Read out this easy guide to know the secrets for designing perfect bags.

Customize the Design to Fit your Requirements

Urgent Boxes prepare the eye-catching designs of wax paper bags

Custom Wax Paper Bags mostly come in square or rectangular shapes. However, you can customize their size according to the products you provide. So, choosing these bags for your brand is a great decision. 

In addition to this, you can also pick a coating of your choice to increase the bag’s appeal. A suitable coating can significantly uplift the design of your bags and make them look more elegant. Moreover, there are three different coatings available for you to choose from. These coatings are:

  • Gloss coating.
  • Matte coating.
  • Spot UV (gives both matte and gloss coating effects)

Pick Handles that Complement the Look of the Bags.

Selecting suitable handles can significantly affect the overall design of your bags. Packaging companies offer various options for this purpose. However, some of the commonly chosen handles are:

  • Ribbon: This handle gives the bags a more sophisticated and elegant look. Thus, they are beneficial for enhancing the design of the bags.
  • Cotton: These handles are made by twisting cotton threads or fibers. This is similar to ribbon handles but stronger.
  • Twisted paper: As denoted by the name, these handles are made with different pieces of paper twisted around each other. This option is inexpensive and easier to make, as well.
  • The folded paper handles: These handles are made of paper as well. Moreover, they give your bag a more unique and minimalistic look.

Unique Colors Can Make Your Design Eye-catching

Urgent Boxes prepare the eye-catching designs of wax paper bags

Customers love attractive and alluring. Furthermore, customers often save these bags for future use as well. Thus, you can also make your bags look unique by using beautiful and vibrant color combinations. Using distinctive patterns can also help make your logo Wax Paper Bags different from the rest.

However, you can also create a minimalistic design as well. Such designs include White Paper Bags without any other color or patterns. Nevertheless, the bags you choose represent your brand and your products. Thus, you can choose any color scheme that you think represents your brand in the best way possible.

No matter what color combination you choose, you can always make it better by selecting a suitable color model. There are two color models available with different characteristics. For instance, CMYK uses colors; yellow, cyan, magenta, and black to make other beautiful colors. On the other hand, the Pantone Matching System (PMS) has separate color codes for each color. Thus, this quality makes PMS an expensive color model.

Choose kraft Material For Eco-friendly Bags

Urgent Boxes prepare the eye-catching designs of wax paper bags

Nowadays, people are anxious about the environment. Our environment’s condition is continually declining, which is causing a rapid change in the climate as well. Therefore, people now prefer eco-friendly solutions for all their daily tasks. Thus, you can make a significant impact on your customers by opting environment-friendly bag.

This can be done by making a small change by choosing kraft material instead of the standard material used for bags. Kraft material is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable. Moreover, it is quite resilient and completely customizable, as well. Hence, by choosing printed Kraft Paper Bags, you can play your part in protecting the environment without compromising on quality.

Make Your Customized Printing Look like a Million Bucks.

Personalized printing is beneficial for enhancing the design of our bags. You can do so by printing your logo and brand name enticingly. Furthermore, you can make custom paper with a logo look even better by printing a catchy slogan as well. These details will help customers recognize your brands in other places as well.

You can also pick a font style, color, and size as well to make the custom paper printed bags look even more fabulous. In addition to this, you can also pick a suitable printing technique. There are three different techniques with different qualities. The techniques you can choose from are:

  • Offset printing.
  • Digital printing.
  • Flexography printing.

Add-ons are Bound to Make an Impact on Your Bags

Urgent Boxes prepare the eye-catching designs of wax paper bags

Add-ons are a unique way to make your wax paper bags wholesale look captivating. This addition can increase the beauty and appeal of the bags. Moreover, there are various add-ons available that can be used in any way you want.

For example, embossing or debossing can be used for printing the brand name on the bags. Moreover, you can use these add-ons for the slogan as well. Similarly, another great add-on is foil stamping. Also, it is available in various colors as well.

Turn Your Designs Into Reality with UrgentBoxes

If you are looking for a company to fulfill your packaging needs, UrgentBoxes is a suitable choice. They manufacture quality custom printed wax paper with no minimum at budget-friendly rates. Furthermore, they offer free delivery all over the US.

For additional information about custom brown paper bags, you can refer to their website or contact their helpful customer care as well.




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