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Pandemic had apocalyptic ramifications on mankind that had sent shock terrors across continents. And had brought the world economy down to its knees. Millions of people worldwide had succumbed to this lethal air-borne virus since it spiralled out of control from China’s Wuhan province in late 2019.

To curb the further spread of this deadly contagious virus. Nationwide lockdowns were announce worldwide and World Health Organization’s corona-safety guidelines were rigidly executed.

People were forced to stay inside their homes! And if found sneaking out, they were slapped with heavy penalties!

More than the law enforcement fear, people voluntarily stayed indoors. Because they were truly frightened by this unknown yet powerful virus. In such back-breaking times who’d risk one’s life and go out to get vegetables or visit the nearest grocery store to buy some staples. No one!

When everyone backed out, Gojek Clone App stepped in! This on-demand multi-services app grabbed the bull by its thorns and came out victorious by introducing corona-safety measures in its application. It took the sole responsibility of delivering on-demand services and products to its customers onto its shoulders by availing services such as taxi booking, food and grocery delivery, parcel and medicine delivery, beauticians and electricians on-demand, booking appointments with Doctors and Vet – all through one single platform.


But customers didn’t trust their Service Providers’ hygiene standards and practices!

Panic atmosphere had blurred everyone’s sense of rationality. They feared that if they order food from a Restaurant then either the Delivery Guy will act as the carrier of Covid-19 or the food parcel itself. Instead of welcoming a complete stranger to your house to deliver the product who might be a potential Covid-19 carrier and risk getting the whole household infected. People dared to step out in PPE suits and bought the essentials themselves.

Gojek Clone App was successful in earning their trust back! How?

Taxi Drivers had to compulsorily wear Face Masks

Apps like Gojek had recently introduced Face Mask Verification feature for Taxi Drivers in Thailand. It is now mandatory for Taxi Drivers to upload a selfie with the face mask on in the App and wait for the App Owner’s approval. The App Owner logs into the Admin Panel. And verifies the Face Mask status of the Taxi Driver and gives a go-ahead. Unless Taxi Drivers go through the Face Mask Verification process, they won’t be allow to start the ride.

The World Health Organisation had declared that face coverings are the mankind’s only shield against Covid-19 despite the presence of multiple vaccines in the market. This is why the common masses deeply valued this gesture.

Restricting the number of passengers per ride

WHO guidelines included mandatory face masks and maintaining at least six-foot distance from another human being. This feature of restricting the number of passengers travelling per ride to just two had ensured proper implementation of social distancing.

It is not just the Taxi Drivers who give the strict instructions of wearing a face mask at all times but the passengers too had to wear a face covering throughout the ride.

In fact, the Riders have to agree to a Safety Checklist even before they are allow to request a ride. The Safety Checklist is specifically design to break the transmission cycle of the Covid-19 and caters to all hygiene standards of the WHO. The Checklist includes compulsorily wearing a face mask. Sanitizing your hands at regular intervals, handling personal luggage on your own and paying using the in-app wallet. This is a pop-up window with these four instructions on screen.

Riders can cancel the ride immediately if the Taxi Driver is found not wearing a mask

This new feature allows penalty-free ride cancellations for both the Riders and the Taxi Drivers. When either is found violating the Safety Checklist norms. The Taxi Driver can abruptly cancel the ride if the Rider has brought three more passengers to take ride with


Launch Custom Gojek Clone App right away and start raking in profits from day one despite the lockdown induced hues. This app is the key to your financial. And economic constraints just as it is to your customers’ every on-demand service request.

Archie Cadell is a content writer and marketing strategist at a mobile app development company, based in the Southern East. She loves to write stuff on leading technology trends and digital marketing solution for application.

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