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Google lunch 6 unbelievable features on Android

Hey! The most familiar word of this age to take strangers as one’s own and get it closer to the people closest!

In the meantime, people spend almost the whole day coaching Google Sir!

The world’s most popular search engine giant will also tell you Hey! And you say Hey Google! The two of you will solve many problems under one umbrella!

It seems like an enigmatic, but that’s exactly what happened.

Google has also appeared on the Android app with Assistant Voice Command.

From now on android users can download Google Assistant from Play Store and just say “Hey Google”, you can instruct.

Google currently offers voice commands for a total of 30 apps. That number will increase further later.

But how will the app work?

Suppose you say, ‘Hey Google find Motivation Mix on Spotify or ‘Hey Google check the news on Twitter’.

So, whether it’s news or finding a song on Spotify, Google Assistant will do everything in a pinch.

The search engine giant stated on Thursday after offering the Assistant Voice command facility on Android phones in the same way, saying, It started today.

If you want, you can use your voice right now to handle all the activities of the top 30 apps from Google Play.

This service will be added to more apps later.

Google recently released the latest version of its Android 11 operating system.

Google lunch 6 unbelievable feature on Android

Since then, six new Google features have been added to Android, which will also be available from older versions of smartphones.

Among those six features is the impeccable feature of Google Assistant answering voice commands. Let’s keep an eye on the other five features.

In the last month, Google announced that its Phone App would address the issue of spam calling from now on.

With Google’s Phone App, your Android device will stop spam calls as well as who is calling and why.

Those who don’t install Google Phone App can download this app from Google Play Store if they want.

This spam protection feature will work on most Android devices even on the Android 9.

Google has also announced that it will soon be coming up with Sound Notifications.

If a user ever listens to a song or misses a useful notification in the crowd, this Sound Notification will come in handy.

Also fire alarm or door knocking – all of these sound notifications will come to you.

Another important feature that Google has come up with is the screen sharing option of its video calling app Duo.

From now on, when you come online to Duo, you will get the option to share the screen.

Google is now offering automatic captioning of video messages for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Google’s Action Block app allows those with cognitive disabilities or age-related problems to communicate in a very short time.

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This Action Block app contains many image communication symbols, taken from Tobii Dynavox.

Google TV has come up with a new Chromecast system. Google has rebranded everything from Play Movies and TV to Google TV for Android users in the United States.

Google has also updated its UI with a variety of things, including shows from various streaming apps from movies.


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