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Google rebrands its phone dialer as “Google Call”

Google is coming up with a useful app. It is better to say that ‘Google call’ is about to catch a new incarnation.

According to sources, this app is going to be like the caller id app True caller. Google has not yet officially announced the new app.

According to sources, the name of this app is going to be Google Call and with the help of these customers will get the benefit of caller id as well as protection from spam calls.

Spam call detect in Google Call

Google’s new feature sparked speculation in a YouTube ad a few days ago. The app hasn’t been brought to the Google Play Store yet.

That’s why Google is expected to launch the app soon. However, the name and logo of this app have been published in that advertisement on YouTube.

From there it is known that the name of the app will be ‘Google Call App’. That ad on YouTube says, ‘It will help you answer with confidence.’

However, in the meantime, a few days ago, several features have been added to the Google Phone App. One of them is ‘read out caller name’.

The Google Phone app is currently available for all non-Pixel phones.

For that reason, it is thought that Google’s caller id app, Google Call App, will be launched not only for Google Pixel phones but also for all Android and iOS phones.

The ‘readout caller name’ feature that Google introduced for users a few days ago, even if the phone’s screen is locked, can also see the contact’s name and phone number.

The feature can also auto-delete old call screen recordings. Not only that. Transcriptions can also be made with this feature every 30 days.

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Add the ‘saved voicemails’ shortcut option to the Google Phone app. This sophisticated feature has been added to the voicemail tab.

This Google Phone app is being offered as the primary dialer app on Google’s Pixel series phones.

This special app from Google is also being offered on several Android One smartphones.

But now that Google is trying to add more features to Android phones than Google Pixels smartphones that is becoming clear with the launch of various new features.

A beta version of the Google Phone app has also recently been launched on Google Play.


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