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The Toddler towers for children (also, kitchen tower or Montessori tower). It essentially steps with 4 corners and a railing on one side. Most have an already in the place safety net, some are foldable, and some are of natural materials such as wood. Those specifics will be covered in greater depth later in this post. Fall prevention is made easier with the four-sided design. When it comes to height, your small one can join you at the table or on a greater surface because it is higher.

Once your child can walk, you should consider a stroller. You may begin to question whether or not you should get a baby tower. You’ve probably heard nothing but good things about them. However, they are an expense and do take up a significant amount of room. Would you use it frequently enough to make it worthwhile to purchase? There is no doubt in my mind that the answer is “Yes!” A toddler tower can be used in a variety of different ways. Inside and outside the kitchen are both acceptable. But first, let’s talk about the general applications.


Here are some examples of how to use a toddler tower:

Cooking –

Toddler towers are most commonly used in the kitchen, which is not surprising. Even the tiniest of tots can pitch in and assist out. Stirring sauces and marinades is an example of chopping vegetables and herbs for a salad. and putting in the ingredients that have already been measured.

Even if the children only observe. They acquire a great deal from observing you. Not only will kids get new terminology, but they will also improve their writing skills. During your description of what you’re seeing in the kitchen, I’ll be monitoring and assisting with meal preparation. also aids in the development of curiosity in different types of foods. The toddler tower can even be used for autonomous snack prep as the youngsters grow in years and maturity. Performing tasks such as spreading almond butter on crackers or slicing berries or vegetables with a child-safe chopper are examples of such activities.

Chores at the sink

Many parents are in aback by this development. However, young children genuinely like assisting with household chores that adults despise. They are very fond of dishwashing. Assemble your toddler tower at the basin and demonstrate the proper way to wash and dry dishes. It is possible that they will not be totally clean. However, your child will acquire an important subjective perception and also a sense of accomplishment as a result of helping with the household duties. Your child can also perform comparable duties in the sink, such as washing their hands and washing recyclables.


This is in addition to doing the dishes. When used in conjunction with the toddler tower, young toddlers can assist with a variety of cleaning-related duties around the home. Especially when it comes to washing windows. A tiny spray glass of water, a wiping cloth, or a small squeegee should be brought with you. then demonstrate to your child how to clean a window.

Youngsters could also use the teaching tower to put the clothing in their wardrobe and wipe off the tables in their kitchen. Toddler towers allow bit older toddlers to have entry to the sink to gather water for activities such as colouring. The children will be baking mud pies and participating in Montessori-style activities. These are “Practical Life’s Purpose,” which will include table cleaning and plant watering, among other things.


It is not all learning towers that are in creation equal. Durability, functionality, and pricing are all different between them. When selecting a toddler tower for your child, consider the following factors. You must consider your child’s interests and age, as well as the amount of space available in your home, the degree of safety you desire, and the quantity of use the item will receive.

The abilities of your child

The characteristics of your student’s toddler tower should be by his or her strengths and/or potential skills. In an ideal world, your child’s learning tower would be able to adapt to his or her current needs. Also, take into consideration their requirements in a couple of years

When it comes to youngsters with unique developmental difficulties, learning towers can be extremely beneficial. Check with your child’s vocational and/or physical therapists to determine the best way to incorporate this useful piece of furniture into his or her daily routine.

Fact that there is a limit to the amount of space available.

Some teaching towers are modest and can be easily fitting in smaller kitchens. Others, on the other hand, take up a lot of room. This can result in a lot of stubbed toes for carers. Additionally, there are foldable variations available. When buying your kitchen assistant, always pay particular attention to the size criteria.

Level of safety in comparison to the level of independence

Learning towers are in design to provide varying levels of safety. As a result, several levels of autonomy are available. Some parents and carers are looking for things that will keep them safe. Such as a platform that is completely in enclosed Comparison to other types of toddler towers. This one is a little safer, which might be beneficial for a parent’s sense of security. However, it restricts the ability of a toddler to crawl in and out.

How much will it be put to use?

When determining whether or not a toddler tower is appropriate for you. or which toddler tower you should make a financial investment in. There are a few aspects that should be into account. In most cases, Toddler towers are in use until a child is between the ages of 4-6 years old, based on their skill and stature.

How long do you expect your child to use it?

If it will be utilised for numerous kids over several years.

It is crucial to make a distinction between learning towers and other structures. When properly maintained, they can recoup as much as 60% of their original cost when resold as used items in good condition.


It’s possible that your older child will not want to assist with dinner at times. Alternatively, you might be preparing a recipe that isn’t appropriate with your little sous chef. Using the toddler tower as nursery equipment, your youngster can still be close along without tugging on your leg the entire while you’re preparing dinner. Provide activities such as sketching, play dough, or reading books that the child can accomplish alone at the counter, such as drawing or playing with play dough. Older kids who wish to concentrate on a Lego building or a watercolour painting out of reach of smaller siblings will find the toddler tower to be really useful.


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