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Here’s what you should do to take care of post-festive bloating


The festive season continues. While Diwali — one of the main festivals in the country, which is celebrated with a lot of zest — is over, many people are still reeling from the post-Diwali effect of having eaten more than they usually do, and feeling bloated.

It is no secret that food plays an important role in almost all Indian festivals. And the festive season is a perfect excuse to do a little bit of binge-eating, knowing fully well that the diet and eating patterns will likely return to normal in the coming days.

But the post-festive feeling of bloating is not nice. It leads to a lot of bodily discomfort. But worry not, for there are solutions for it. Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal says there are a few additions that you can make in your diet so as to feel better.

1. Ginger and cinnamon water.
2. Fennel seed water, “which is great for digestion”.
3. Plain water.
4. Lots of fresh fruits.
5. Curd.
6. Getting enough sleep, to rejuvenate your body mentally and physically.

While many people consider bloating to be a serious health issue which is indicative of an underlying health condition, often bloating is caused by something that is non-serious, or is just a part of a physical reaction to excessive consumption of certain foods, pre-menstruation sign, not drinking enough water, or not having proper bowel movement.

It is just the body’s way of retaining wind/air and water, instead of releasing it. If you have cheated on your normal diet in the last few days, you can take some measures to help yourself feel better. The aforementioned tips can come handy.

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