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How can one legally Get a Medical Marijuana card In Alaska

Alaska has become the third state to legalize recreational cannabis. But it wasn’t until the Arkansans voters accepted the Alaska Medical Marijuana initiative that it became legal. Patients asking how to get medical marijuana in Alaska must first have a qualifying illness listed by this state. 

And by using simple instructions, you can access an MMJ card in Alaska and start purchasing medical weed for your illness relief. 

Alaska is more like other states which require the applicants to be from 18 or older years old. Other terms include:

  • The patient must get diagnosed with at least one of the listed qualifying conditions set by this state. 
  • An applicant must be an in-state resident.  
  • Qualifying minors living in Alaska must have a parent or a guardian who agrees to be their caregiver. But their physician must sign them off on the possible risks.

If you have one of the below medical conditions, you qualify for the MMJ.

  • Cachexia
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Pain
  • Glaucoma
  • HIV or AIDS
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Nausea
  • Seizures

A potential patient can also appeal to the state for other conditions. 

Cannabis works with receptors in the body to relieve pain and inflammation. These two symptoms are common in the above conditions. That’s why Arkansans wants to understand how to get medical marijuana in Alaska. So, they can legally access this treatment. For instance, there is a study released that found that CBD could reduce the frequency of seizures. And weed worked for patients who had failed other medications.

Requirements of a Caregiver

As a minor can’t directly access medical cannabis, he will have to have a caregiver. However, the state demands that he should;

  • Be an Alaskan at least aged 21 years of age or older.
  • Be a person who has clean records. That means he should never have records of conviction or a felony-controlled substances offense. 
  • The patient must have listed this person as a primary or an alternate. Only then can a person act as a minor’s carer? 

Visit a Physician

A patient who thinks they deserve access to medical weed must get a recommendation from their primary doc. And this must be a certified practitioner he has seen for over a year, or they have a bonafide relationship with him. That’s because we want someone who can give informed advice. 

Fill In An Application.

Now that your doc has recommended you proceed with applying for an MMJ card, Before you get on it, ensure you have the following documents:

  • Have a copy of your state’s ID or Driver’s License issued by Alaska 
  • Have a signed statement from your physician.
  • Your medical records
  • Also, you may include the necessary contact information for the patient or caregiver and your physician, where applicable.

Now that you’ve gathered the necessary papers, you can proceed with your application. 

Card Processing

After your application review, it will start the processing. And this might take five weeks or less. Also, remember to make your card application fee $25. Then wait for your MMJ card. 

If you miss to fill in any required information, your application will not be successful. And once an applicant gets denied, he will have to reapply after six months.  

Once you get your Alaska MMJ card, you can start shopping for your required dose of dope. Also, note that this card has a validity of 12 months. And the renewal is $5 less, which is $25. But if you forget to do it in time, you’ll apply for a new application and pay $25. 

After appraising you on how to get medical marijuana in Alaska, what can you access with the MMJ card? A cardholder can purchase or cultivate up to 1 oz of weed and grow only six plants at home and not over three mature flowering plants at a time. 

And this applied only to the patients growing weed for medical purposes under measure 8. But it later included recreational consumers who are 21 and above years old and referred to as (AS 17.37).

But patients can use medical defense if they get higher possession. However, it only applies to cannabis flowers, which are in unconcentrated form.

As patients and rec consumers can grow up to dozen plants for private use under the privacy of the state’s constitution, that is somehow a dark area. But it’s vital to understand that any possession or cultivation of 25 or more plants risks a Class C felony. Yes, you heard that right. And you can also get a fine of up to $50,000, or you go behind bars for five years.

Does Alaska Take Medical Cards From Other States?

A simple answer is no. One of the reasons it doesn’t accept any out-of-state medical weed cards, it’s because it’s a federal crime to bring cannabis across the states. 

We told you how to get medical marijuana in Alaska legally, so please follow that. But Alaskan adults aged 21 years or older can also get recreational dope from a licensed dispensary since it’s legal. 

However, those eligible to purchase the weed can only possess an ounce of cannabis for personal use. And you can also give or receive the same amount. 

And although rec weed is legal in Alaska, the state law prohibits public consumption of cannabis. So, you can only smoke pot in a private location. Otherwise, you’re subject to a $100 fine.  

As of April 21, 2021, Good Titrations opened one shop in Fairbanks that allows on-site consumption of weed. Here is a safe area for adults who smoke weed and has a lounge and a coffee bar area for customers. But they need to remember that they can only purchase a gram of flower each day.

In Conclusion, we’ve shown you how to get medical marijuana in Alaska legally above. Since you don’t want to be in trouble, you’ll use this method and get the much-needed relief from accessing the MMJ.  


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