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How do European Soccer Leagues work?

Do you understand how the European league is being played? In this article, we have to take you through how each team plays a significant role in the game. When you are done checking on each team, it will be easy for you to recognize every team playing in the European champion league. Read below for more pieces of information.

The European Super League is created: 12 teams have announced their readiness to leave UEFA tournaments and start their way in a closed competition for the giants. The initiative was supported by the English clubs of the Big Six (Manchester United, Liverpool,

Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham), the Spanish giants such as Barcelona,

​​Real and Atletico “, As well as three Italian clubs -” Inter

“Milan “and” Juventus. ” And if earlier such conversations were conducted only in the context of “perhaps in the future,” now everything is serious: the clubs have officially announced their participation, the start is scheduled for August and the British agency

InHouse Communications will be engaged in promoting the launch of the league, the chairman of which worked with Theresa May and Boris Johnson.

What do European Super League work? 

Understanding how the European super league is something important. It you considered some of the important things to qualify for the game. These teams are 12 that are now playing in the National League in; Italy, Spain, and England. Over the years, each team was recognized for playing and identifying the winner for each team. You have to consider checking all those factors that determine the team to win.

What kind of Super League?

The answer to the new format of the Champions League, in which 36 participating teams are planned. The grandees believe that UEFA reforms have gone too far, and the pandemic has only and showed that “a strategic vision and a sustainable business approach are needed to add value and support the entire football pyramid in Europe. As a result, have not satisfied the leading European clubs: according to a statement on the Arsenal website, they do not solve fundamental problems, including the provision of better

matches and additional financial resources.

Florentino Perez talked about creating such a tournament from the beginning of the 2000s, but this did not go further than proposals.

Silvio Berlusconi proposed something similar in the late 80s: he wanted more games with the participation of European giants, a departure from the elimination game format and an increase in commercial income, primarily from television rights.

But UEFA then quickly jumped in and reformatted the European Cup in the Champions League.

Ten years later, the young Italian businessman undertook another attempt at a global revolution in the football market:  The International sports broadcasts and then decided to reform the tournament, which he did not like so much with its format.

Poland or Hungary, and the sports tournament itself did not sell well. He proposed a

Super League format: two divisions with 18 teams each; in one – the founding clubs, insured against relegation, in the second – the teams that are strong in the moment; games on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in a two-round system. 

What format will the current Super League have?

The plan for the tournament will have 15 founding clubs –

12 of them are already known, and three participants still need to be found:

Bayern, Borussia, and PSG refused to join the new league. And if the Germans do

not want to get into something new with unclear prospects, then the

Paris club is not so much in the usual and convenient format of the Champions

League as in the president of the club:

Five more participants (a total of 20 plan) will qualify for the Super League annually. Each will play each one twice, that is,

a total of 18 matches. Three first places come out of the group, the fourth and fifth play two matches for reaching the playoffs. Matches will play on weekdays.

The founding clubs also said that as soon as the men’s

Super League starts, they will create a corresponding women’s one.

Some additional and important nuances give on the official Chelsea website: 

  • The first three clubs out of 10 in each group will receive direct tickets to the playoffs 
  • 4-5 places groups will play among themselves for the right to get to the quarterfinals
  • Organizers announce the creation of an identical Women’s Super League “as soon as possible.”  

18-23 matches are not enough for a full season, so it is clear that the top clubs are not planning to leave the national championships. They want to abandon national Cups, League Cups, and, obviously, European Cups (Champions League and Europa League). Thirty-eight league matches + 18-23 Super League matches = comparable to the current load of giants. 

However, this is only an assumption; the specifics of the format should appear shortly. So far, there is only the first official statement of the organizers – an important moment, a turning point. This is generally the first time they came out of the shadows. Over the past years, all plans have been based on leaks from unofficial sources. Revolutionaries release: 


Everything serious confirm the reaction of the organization and the leading European federations and leagues. The release publish on Sunday evening before the official announcement of the creation of the Super League:

“We have learned that several English, Spanish and Italian clubs may be planning to announce a closed Super League.UEFA, the football federations of England, Spain, Italy, the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and FIFA and all our member associations – will unit in our efforts to prevent this cynical project. We are based on the personal interests of several clubs when society needs solidarity more than ever. 

We will consider all the measures available to us at all levels – both judicial and sports – to prevent this from happening. Fair competition and sporting values ​​are at the heart of football; it cannot be otherwise. As previously state UEFA and the federations, the respective clubs will prohibit from playing in any other competition at the national, European level.


The above are some of the information you need to know about how the European Soccer Leagues works. You have to understand the format of each team to enables you to get more teams.


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