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How Do I Know if I Have Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction or ED is a medical state of affairs wherein a person doesn’t get enough erections in his penis even after intense sex. Occasional ED isn’t uncommon. Although it is even called impotence, this period is used significantly much less. These are usually faced via men below strain or may additionally have a few scientific troubles, emotional problems, and many others. 

Erectile dysfunction can be very horrifying for guys, which they can ignore if it’s now not occasional and is going directly to appear repeatedly. There is a distinction between now and then and happening each time, so in case you are going through this each night, you might be dealing with Erectile Dysfunction, so you must usually take a professional medical doctor’s recommendation for this, or else it’s miles would possibly growth increasingly more which can affect your life and court adversely.

You must make sure that if you understand which you are tormented by ED, you refer your health practitioner and ask them to advise you with a few tests and some remedies to be cured. You should take some precautions like you don’t take your drug treatments of heart or debates, don’t take any tobacco, and devour alcohol so you can cure your penis as quickly as feasible. Along with this, you could use medicines like Viagra, Cialis, Stendra, Fildena, Fildena 150, Fildena 100, and so forth., so that you can be top at bedroom and may erect nicely.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Many causes of those ED were indexed under:

  • cardiovascular sickness
  • the use of tobacco products
  • weight problems
  • sleep disorders
  • kidney disorder
  • increased age
  • strain
  • diabetes
  • excessive LDL cholesterol
  • drug use
  • tension
  • sclerosis (MS)

Symptoms of the Erectile Dysfunction

  • Tend to lessen hobby in intercourse
  • You may additionally even face problems in coping with erections in the course of sexual actions.
  • You will face hassle in getting an erection.
  • Ejaculation time is behind schedule, or it comes too rapid.
  • You will now not have an orgasm even after an ample amount of stimulation.

Who is at risk if they have Erectile Dysfunction?

You are at a better diploma of the threat of you see any of the characteristics in your body:

If you are getting older.

If you’re a patient of anxiety, despair, strain, or some mental problems.

And If you are stricken by sizeable coronary heart diseases or if you take insulin because of diabetes.

If you’ve got constructed an addiction of chewing, eating tablets, tobacco, or consuming an excessive amount of alcohol inside the beyond years.

If you consume drug treatments like high blood pressure medications, antihistamines, or antidepressants.

Some of the tests via which you could analyze your frame whether you are undergoing ED or not

Medical and Sexual History:

The urologist will ask you your clinical and sexual records to research your complete frame and advocate many methods to treat this situation, apart from this clinical state of affairs.

Physical take a look at They would like to take your physical exam so that they may come to know about your frame inner-out. They will take a look at your coronary heart charge, pulses and even check your blood strain to recognize your frame better and remedy you accordingly.

So, from all of the above information written approximately the way to know if you have Erectile Dysfunction, you may finish that ED can be analyzed through the professional very quickly. After gaining knowledge of your cause of ED, you can help yourself by using curing it.

Blood and Urine tests:

After taking your sexual and medical history and the physical exam, I would like to take your blood samples and your urine that will attain out to the foundation motive of why you’re present process Erectile Dysfunction.

Overnight erection checks:

Doctors would love to take your overnight erection test thru which they will analyze whether or not you’re even erect or no longer at the night time time. For this, they might recommend you operate a tool to degree the level of erection and the way intense its miles. For this, they’ll come up with a ring-sort of deicing you want to install your penis so that in case you erect at night time, it’ll wreck. If it is seen that the ring breaks, then we discover. You are facing ED because of some mental or emotional circumstance.

Injection Test:

In this test, your medical doctor will inject remedy inside the base of your penis, via which you will have an erection, but if you don’t have one, you’re facing some problems in blood waft on your penis.


And through this technique, medical doctors will analyze. Whether or not your penis is getting sufficient blood to deliver for an erection. The injection takes a look at it to see the blood drift at some stage in the erection on your frame. They use a tool that appears just like a wand, which he holds over your penis. It uses sound waves thru which docs can see the blood go with the flow stages on the display inside the video.

Mental Health Exam:

If your doctor concludes. That if you are going through Erectile Dysfunction. Because of some emotional or intellectual issues. He would be asking you some popular questions regarding your non-public, professional, and different lifestyles. Which are the cause of ED.

That you are undergoing Erectile Dysfunction.

If you are dealing with occasional ED. If you are having a wrong time on your mattress at night all through intercourse, then it could even show up. In case you are taking some medicines. This can be related to heart disorder or a few other issues or in case you devour a lot of alcohol then you definitely must talk to your health practitioner and have to take exact care of it. You have to be very cautious about it. But it won’t have been a motive for Erectile Dysfunction. If the trouble is infrequent or typically takes place very from time to time.

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