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How Do Winter Tyres Differ From All-season Tyres?

You may have seen a lot of antics in Top Gear, but in reality, a tyre is the only part of the vehicle that makes direct contact with the road. That makes them a vital component to understand. So, you need to know the difference between winter and all-season tyres.

Nowadays, most vehicles come fitted with all-season tyres Scunthorpe. While they are suitable for a wide temperature range, they fall short when it comes to extreme climatic conditions. Here the winter tyres come in handy. They are equipped to handle cold, light snow, and even ice. We will discuss all these in detail in the article below.

What Are All-Season Tyres?

In the late 1970s, Goodyear introduced a tyre that can work well in different seasons, called all-season tyres. They can handle dry and wet surfaces and perform well in light snow too. These tyres are made in such a way that they can operate in a wide range of temperatures but cannot handle the extremes.

What Are Winter Tyres?

Special rubber compounds are used to create winter tyres so that they can stay flexible and provide sufficient grip at temperatures below 45° Fahrenheit. These tyres are characterised by deep tread patterns and numerous small grooves (also known as sipes). They also offer adequate traction in cold weather, even when there is no snow.

Can Winter Tyres Be Used All Year?

You can use winter tyres all year round, but it isn’t a good idea. Doing so may be illegal – it depends on what kind of winter tyre you are using and your place of residence. As these tyres can withstand cold conditions particularly, they become supple and wear down rapidly when the temperature rises.

Which Is More Expensive – Winter Tyres Or All-season?

This criterion is determined by the brand and specifications of the tyre you are using, but usually, the winter tyres and all-season tyres are similar.

Are All-Season Tyres Good for Winter?

The marketing department of all-season tyres promotes them as the tyres that are safe for use for the whole year

. But these marketing wizards are not engineers. Though this kind of tyre is made to last all weather conditions and road types, they don’t perform well in extreme weather conditions in either direction. But all-season tyres do give adequate service to people living in those climatic conditions.

If I Have Four-wheel Drive, Do I Need Winter Tyres?

The number of wheels you are driving on doesn’t matter; you need to use winter tyres in cold weather. Without fitted with the right tyres, you won’t be able to stop your vehicle as fast as you’d like on snowy roads. The tread patterns and grooves on the winter tyres ‘bite’ into the snow, thereby slowing the vehicle safely. It is also true for acceleration. These tyres are the ideal way to make sure that a car will stop and accelerate in slick conditions safely.

What Should You Do If You Can’t Find Winter Tyres To Fit Your Aftermarket Wheels?

You are right. Winter tyres’ options are limited when it comes to the enormous sizes of today’s wheels. The available ones are way too costly. If the wheels in question are aftermarket wheels, then it will cost you a whole lot of money to repair or replace them. The best scenario for you is not to use them during winter. You can buy a smaller pair of wheels to replace them. Take care that the diameter of the winter wheel and tyre is the same as the summer wheels and tyres. This way, the speedometer rating, and vehicle safety won’t be affected.

Are My Tyres Worn Out?

Tyres that have worn out are hazardous for your safety and everyone around you. So, we have provided you with a checklist that will help you monitor the health of your tyres.

Tyre Health Checklist

A lot of things can go haywire when it comes to tyres, so it is paramount that you conduct regular inspections. Given below is a list of factors that you must include in these regular check-ups –

  • Pressure – By pressure, we mean the air pressure inside the tyres. Its measurement unit is per square inch (PSI).
  • Tyre Depth – The tyre depth refers to the depth of the tyre’s exterior ridges.
  • Punctures – Look for anything that can penetrate the rubber and cause air leakage.
  • Cracks/Dry-Rotting – If you notice any splits or cracks in a tyre, it is not fit for driving. That tyre needs immediate replacing.
  • Over-Inflation/Under-Inflation – If the tyres aren’t adequately inflated, it will result in uneven tread wear. Thus, you won’t get optimum performance from them.
  • Balance – For the tyres to work properly, their mass distribution has to be balanced and even.

So, decide on which Tyres Althorpe to use, taking into account the weather conditions of your area. If you are not sure, take the help of a professional.


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