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How to increase your body’s oxygen level? Follow this diet

The second wave of the corona has created a crisis in the world. As the number of victims increased, so did the death toll. Oxygen respiratory problems are more prevalent among patients.

Who is admitting to the hospital in the second wave?

Doctors have noticed that the most serious complication at the moment is the decrease in the level of oxygen in the body. So, it is necessary to eat oxygen-rich food.

Which foods help increase your body’s oxygen level?

1. The benefit of an alkaline diet for increase body’s oxygen level –

1. Increases the level of oxygen in the bloodstream.

2. Inhibiting the formation of lactic acid.

3. It helps to stimulate various activities in your body.

4. Helps to keep the body’s pH level to become normal.

5. This helps your body parts to function properly.

2. Pears, Pineapples, and Raisins –

Oxygen levels can be increased by taking these foods. The pH value of all these foods is 7.5.

Increase oxygen level follow this diet

They are also rich in antioxidants along with vitamins A, B, and C and can be used to control blood pressure and reduce blood pressure.

Lemon –

Lemon is one of the oxygen-rich foods. Usually, it is acidic, but after taking it, the body changes to alkaline. It is very useful for cough, cold, flu, heartburn, and viral diseases. Experts say it is the best tonic for the liver.

3. Watermelon –

Watermelon is usually eaten by everyone but most people do not know that eating it helps to fill the lack with oxygen in the blood.

This fruit is the most alkaline has a pH value of 9. It acts as a mild diuretic due to the fiber and water present in it.

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Not only that, it is a great source of lycopene, beta-carotene, and vitamin C. It should be taken to clean the colon of every person.

4. Mango and papaya –

The pH value of the food items in this group is 7.5. Both of these fruits are effective in cleansing the kidneys. It cleanses the colon and regulates bowel movements.

5. Fruit Juice and Kiwi –

You usually eat kiwi and fruit juices, but you must include them in your diet to increase the oxygen level in the bloodstream.

They contain natural sugars, which do not form acidic compounds after food is digested. These fruits have properties that fill the body with full energy, encouraging the formation of alkalis.

6. Capsicum help you increase body’s oxygen level –

Its pH value is 8.5. Capsicum, rich in vitamin A, helps us fight disease and stress-free radicals. Not only that, but it is also better for the endocrine system due to its antibacterial properties.

Note – The oxygen-rich foods mentioned here should be part of your diet. These will help increase the level of oxygen in your blood.


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