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How to Ace a Government Job Interview?

For maximum youngsters of India, securing a government job is like a dream come true. Well, let us tell you that grabbing a government job in your hands is a hard row to hoe. First, you need to sail through the strenuous phases of written examination. Afterwards, you need to ace the personal interview. No matter how many marks you have scored in the written exam, if you fail to answer the interview questions, you’ll lose your chance of getting a government job. Therefore, it is essential to prepare yourself for the personal interview. You just need to know the type of questions asked in the interview. Also, you need to know what the interviewer expects. Don’t worry! To help you, we have enumerated some useful tips in this article. 

So, have you made up your mind to secure a government job? How will you get one? You can choose to appear for the SSC CGL exam. Note that there are four tiers of this exam that includes a personal interview round. Preparing for a written exam is easy in comparison to preparing for the interview. There are several ways through which you can easily prepare for the personal interview. 

Here are some of the easy ways through which you can easily ace a government job interview:

A majority of candidates remain on hot bricks while going for personal interviews. Note that these interviews are conducted to scrutinize the potential of candidates. So, make an effort to appear for the interview perfectly. If you are looking to know How long does an MOT take and preparing for this exam you should learn this.

  1. Have complete knowledge of your job profile

You must know for which role you are going to give an interview. So, know the meticulous details of your job profile. If you don’t know about it, go through the official website of the government department. It is necessary to know about the duties and obligations of the job profile. There are high chances your interviewer may ask questions regarding it. Also, your interviewer can ask you questions regarding how you will fulfil your duties. Answering appropriately can increase your chances of getting selected. 

  1. Brush up your general knowledge

General knowledge will not only help you to crack the written exam. It can also help you to ace the personal interview. This is certain that your interviewer will test your general knowledge. So, it is advisable to keep yourself updated with current affairs. You can polish your general knowledge by reading a newspaper daily or following an authentic news channel. Also, you can download a current affair app on your smartphone. These apps generally provide daily quizzes. You can easily enhance your general knowledge by solving daily quizzes. 

  1. Prepare an excellent introduction

It is imperative that your interviewer can ask you to introduce yourself. So, try to make your introduction captivating. Note down about the things you can speak about yourself in the interview. Also, you can practice speaking about those things by standing in front of a mirror. You should not fumble while speaking in front of your interviewer. Be an effective communicator while talking to your interviewer. It can leave your positive impression on him/her.

  1. Make your resume properly

While applying for government jobs, you need to be very careful of the information you are giving in your resume. Be truthful while making a resume. If you’ll mention false information in your resume, it can drag you to legal troubles. So, mention only those that are completely true.  Also, make your resume in a proper format. You can seek help from a government employee making a resume. Avoid making silly mistakes while making a resume. Even a single mistake can snatch an opportunity from you to secure a government job. 

  1. Try to be patient

There are high chances that you may need to wait in long queues for your turns. But, if you actually want a government job, then you can’t lose your patience. Keep yourself calm and cool while waiting for your turn. You can read some important things while waiting for your turn. Therefore, being patient can bring out the level of passion in you that is required for the post you have applied for in the government department. 

  1. Deck up formally

On the day of the interview, you need to dress up formally. Wearing fancy or funky clothes can make you look careless and unambitious in front of an interviewer. So, dress up professionally. Also, make sure that your clothes are clean and properly ironed. Moreover, ladies need to keep in mind that they should not apply heavy makeup on their face. Also, ladies should avoid wearing heels on the day of the interview. They can wear formal sandals or bellies. In the case of men, they can avoid wearing sports shoes and t-shirts. Note that it is essential to look equanimous while going for the interview. 

  1. Have a positive mindset

You need to keep yourself positive while appearing for the personal interview session. It can boost your confidence to appear for the exam. Without a doubt, the government follows a stringent selection process. Never let this fact dishearten or demotivate you. There are many candidates who were able to clear the exam in a single go. You too can be one of them. All you need is to inculcate an optimistic attitude while going to an interview. It can increase your chances of final selection. 

  1. Give mock interviews

There are several coaching institutes that conduct mock interviews for students enrolled with them. You can give mock interviews to simulate the experience of the actual interview. It can give you a clear idea regarding the types of questions asked in the interview. Also, you can gather enough courage to appear for the actual interview. It is almost impossible to prepare for an interview on your own. So, it is better to join a reputable coaching institute for that.  Are you preparing for the SSC exam? If yes, then approaching a brilliant institute that provides SSC coaching in Chandigarh can work wonders for you. 


You need to keep the aforementioned things in your mind while preparing for the government job interview. For sure, it can help you prepare effectively for the interview.


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